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Zimbabwe Courts Rule Against Protests

There have been numerous conflicts between protestors and the Zimbabwe government opposition as both protestors and riot forces filled the streets as violence erupted after a government court ruled against a planned opposition protest.

Police ended up battling against protestors in Africa Unity Square in the busy business district of Harare due to the ban, by charging in full force – armed with tear gas and charging with full battle gear and batons. Many protestors were arrested as a result.

The protestors were a part of the primary group called the “Movement for Democratic Change” that rallied for a nationwide protest against the government, as they claim that the Zimbabwe President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, and his supportive government, are the main cause of the current and ongoing economic crisis that has been sweeping the nation in Africa. There has been a severe drought that has swept the nation causing water rations to be cut down to allowing people to get water once per week.

One protestor, Spiwe Moyo, told the media that the Zimbabwe police forces beat her and she was not aware as to why she was beaten. She said that she didn’t have money for her children’s school fees and that the people should fight for their ability to access clean water, despite the government’s control of wanting to use it for making chemicals.

The people of Zimbabwe have had shortages of water since January, but as of today there are many homes who have gone without clean water for weeks, leading up to the opposition forces to fight for unrationed water in the country.

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