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Yanolja Acquires Indian Hotel Tech Firm

One of the most popular apps in South Korea known as eZee Technosys has finally expanded past the Korean border in their next endeavor. Yanolja is actually grabbing up more than 20,000 global clients from the India-based company as well. Yanolja’s main purpose is to help hotels and customers manage their bookings for rooms and board online, as well as helping with loyalty programs as well. 

The Korean app is wanting to extend their automation technology to help other businesses in the area as well as across the country. They’re being backed by the Singaporean sovereign wealth fund known as GIC Booking Holdings.

Yanolja is trying to expand beyond all of their recent models that have made its name more popular in Asia. 

eZee’s role is to help Yanolja in the automation of their hotel management applications so they can enhance the consumer’s individual user experience but also help to make the hotels have lower costs, which can in turn get more people through the doors. 

So what does Yanolja even mean? Well, in Korean it means “Hey. Let’s play!” and when the app started, it quickly be gain becoming the most popular app for booking motels for lovers and honeymooners alike. The downside however is that the founder of the company noticed that their app’s hotel models on the app showed images of some sleazy and run-down facilities that weren’t very visually appealing, and the founder is wanting to change that to appeal more to business travelers, families, and even tourists.

This kind of change is a big one, because it breaks the mold of what the application is even marketed for in the first place.

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