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Winnipeg Blue Bombers Football Team

Winnipeg CFL Team: Winnipeg Blue Bombers Team, Roster & News

The Winnipeg Football Club, more commonly referred to as the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, is a professional football team that plays in the Canadian Football League and is based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  The team is currently a member of the Western Division in the Canadian Foot Ball League, or the CFL. When they have home games, they play them at the IG Field, which is not their original home. Originally, they played all of their home games at Canad Inns Stadium, but that stadium has since been demolished.

Founded in 1930, the Blue Bombers are really named the Winnipeg Football Club, which is the legal name of the entire organization.  Unlike most of the other professional teams who happen to play in one of the four most popular team sports in all of North America, however much more common when it comes to soccer, especially if you are talking about Europe, their official name, the Winnipeg Football Club, continues to see its name used in every day news, as well as their nickname as well. 

The organization has become very popular in regard to local media, as well as when it comes to reporting anything about the club’s affairs in business. Another interesting thing to keep in mind when it comes to this club in comparison to other North American professional teams, is that they have aligned themselves to be a corporation that does not have any type of share capital.  This means that the club will never have just one entity or person who can claim that they ‘own’ the entire team. While there are actually two other professional football teams who play in the CFL that are also considered to be ‘community owned’, along with just one NFL team, these teams have shareholders, whereas the Winnipeg Football Club does not.

Since they have been established, the Blue Bombers have been able to win their league’s Grey Cup championship an astonishing 10 times, the most recent coming back in 1990.  With their 10 championship wins, it puts them in third place for having the most Grey Cup championships of all time, even though they are also the team that has the longest drought without a Grey Cup championship win.  With that being said, however, the Blue Bombers are actually the very first team that is not located in Quebec or Ontario to have won a championship, as well as be in the lead and hold the record for the team with the most Grey Cup championship appearances, that number being 24 times.

The Beginning of the Blue Bombers Football Club

The very first football club that was ever formed in Winnipeg, was done so in 1879, and was known as the Winnipeg Rugby Football Club.  Later, on June 10, 1980, they would decide to amalgamate with the rest of the teams that were in the Manitoba Rugby Football Union. They would then change their name to the Winnipeg Winnipegs Rugby Football Club, taking the colors gold and blue.

The 1935 Grey Cup

While teams from the west had made it to the Grey Cup championship game a total of 10 times, they have unfortunately never been able to come up with a win, or the championship.  Back then, there was no hiding the fact that the Eastern teams were definitely much better than the Western teams, outscoring them to the tune of 236-29 in the Grey Cup championship games.  Then on December 7, 1935, the Blue Bombers would get their very first chance at winning the 23rd annual Grey Cup.  That year’s game was held in Hamilton, home of the Tigers team, who was also their opponent in the big game.  The day was a rainy one over at Hamilton Amateur Athletic Association Grounds, but there was still a very good turnout of 6,405 fans who were in attendance.

Once the game had started, Winnipeg would be up 5-0 before many of the fans in attendance were even able to make it to their seats.  The score at halftime would be 12-4, in favor of the Bombers. As exciting as the game was, the Bombers would end up winning with a score of 18-12, pushing themselves into the history books as the very first team from Western Canada to every play in and win a Grey Cup.

The Blue Bombers

In the year 1935, before an exhibition game had started that was against NDSU, or north Dakota State University, a sports writer by the name of Vince Leah who wrote for the Winnipeg Tribune, would decide to take a page out of Grantland Rice’s book (who coined the term ‘The Brown Bomber’ when speaking about Joe Louis), and call the team ‘Blue Bombers of Western Football’.  Before this point, the team was always referred to as simply ‘Winnipeg’. However, from that very day, the team would then be known as ‘Winnipeg Blue Bombers’. Later that very same year, the Blue Bombers, along with the Regina Roughriders and Calgar Bronks, would ban together to form the Western Interprovincial Football Union, which would represent the highest level of competition and play in all of Western Canada.

The Blue Bombers Early Days of Glory

From the years 1936 to 1949, the Blue Bombers would earn the right to compete and play in the Grey Cup championship from 1937 through 1939, 1941 through 1943, and again in 1945.  While they appeared in the Grey Cup a total number of seven times in this short time span, they would only walk away with 2 championships, winning once against the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1939, and again in 1941 in the rematch.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers would continue to go on and do exceptionally well over the course of the following seasons, they would go on to win the Grey Cup a total of 8 more times, proving that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers were a team to be reckoned with and that the teams from Western Canada could be considered a powerhouse team as well.

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