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Why Hulu is Not Available in Canada & How to Setup Hulu in Canada 2019

Hulu Canada – How to Set Up & Why Is it Not Available in Canada

If you live in Canada, you more than likely still want to get the absolute best television that you can get.  This means that your either are or have been curious in getting Hulu. However, Hulu is not readily available in Canada to begin with.  This is solely because of the rights to content that Hulu has, in relationship to Canada. You see, there are some companies that reside in other countries who have the exclusive rights to much of the content that is streamed on Hulu.  And Hulu, unlike its main competitor, Netflix, shows all of its content the very next day after it is originally aired on regular television. With that in mind, you must know that it is actually very hard to get the exclusive rights to any show or live event the day after it airs live.  This is the exact reason that Hulu is not available to anyone who lives in Canada, or anywhere else outside of the United States for that matter.

With that being said, here are the main reasons that Hulu is not available in Canada:

  • It is extremely hard to get the exclusive rights to any type of event or television show to be aired in several different countries, in regard to content that was just recently aired.
  • It is also extremely expensive to get the rights to play all of the content that is already in existence.  To get access to all of these programs, Hulu would need to go out and ger a license that would allow them to play it, coming back to the other country thing, which you would need to factor in that there is no other country on the globe that has the same growth potential as that of the United States.

While Hulu is not commercially available in Canada, that does not necessarily mean that you cannot enjoy Hulu if you reside in Canada.  In fact, no matter if you live 1 kilometer or 100 kilometers away from the United States, you will be able to watch Hulu if you follow the steps in this tutorial.

How to Setup Hulu in Canada

When it comes to setting up Hulu in Canada, there are going to be a few simple steps that you will have to take.  Those steps include:

  1. You must have some type of valid American payment method in order to register for your Hulu account.
  2. You are going to need to ‘trick’ Hulu into thinking that it is servicing a location that resides within the United States.
  3. You will need to download the Hulu app, which sounds much easier than it actually is when you live in Canada.

Here is exactly how to do all of the steps to start watching Hulu in Canada, step by step.

The very first step that you are going to need to do in order to set up Hulu in Canada, is actually a very important step as well.  However, if you are to get Hulu to work in Canada, you will need to complete all 3 steps. If not, Hulu will not work anyways, so you really have nothing to lose in that sense.

While the first step is not going to be the most important, it is still a huge deal that you will need to handle.  To get Hulu to work in Canada, you must first get some type of American card that will pay for the Hulu service. This means that you are going to need to get a card that is issued within the United States, which is not always such an easy task.

If you are not a resident to Canada and have ever tried to visit the United States, you already know how much of a struggle that the entire process can really be.  In fact, trying to do anything American if you live outside the United States is going to be a real struggle. What makes this funny, is that trying to get Hulu is the perfect example of how tough it can be to get some of the privileges that America has to offer.  This can be confirmed as you are reading this article that you found by Googling why Hulu is not available in Canada and how you can go about getting it.  

Tips for Getting an American Payment Method for Setting Up Hulu

Here are some of the top tips that you can try to get a form of payment that is registered in American.

  • Ask an American friend to help you out and vouch for you.  You can even pay your friend a little extra if you need too, or even offer to share your Hulu account with them.  And if they are a good friend, they may simply do it because they really do care about your means of entertainment.
  • If you are unable to find someone willing to share their card, you may already know someone who already has a Hulu account and is willing to share.  Simply ask them if they would be willing to share, or you can even offer to give them some type of payment for sharing their subscription. In fact, if you offer to pay for all of the subscription, there is a great chance that they will take you up on that offer.
  • Go the prepaid card route.  While not all of the prepaid cards that are available are going to work with Hulu, after you do al little research, you will be able to find a card that they will accept, meaning that you will be able to get your very own Hulu account.  This can include ordering a prepaid card online, or even going to the United States and getting it yourself.
  • Invest in a virtual card.  While this method is the least likely to work, it is also one of the most time-effective methods as well.  

While you can decide which one of these methods you would like to try in order to get Hulu in Canada, the fact of the matter is that one of these methods is going to work.  Either way, there is no doubting the fact that you are going to have to get some type of card in order to get Hulu in Canada.

With that being said, once you have used this card to register your account, you can then simply buy and use Hulu gift cards to keep your membership active.

Making Hulu Think Canada is the United States

While Hulu is only available in the United States, tricking them to thinking that you are there when you are actually in Canada is actually much easier than you would think.

While Hulu will know that you are not located in the United States, you can bypass this by being in the United States virtually.

To do this, you are going to need to get a quality VPN.  While we will not get into the specifics of it, a VPN is basically going to allow you to make your location anywhere in the entire world, one of which can be the United States.  

To accomplish this successfully, you are going to require not just a regular VPN, but a VPN that will work with services that include Hulu, Netflix, BBC, Amazon Prime, etc.  With a VPN, you will easily be able to overcome any type of geo-blocks that may be in place.

Download the Hulu App on your Device

In order to get the Hulu app on your device that you are planning on watching it, there are a few steps that you are going to need to do.

These steps for Apple devices include:

  1. Signing out of the cloud.
  2. Create a new cloud account with your ‘new’ location in the United States.
  3. Download the Hulu app.
  4. Sign in to your newly downloaded Hulu account with your old account login info.

Now you may be wondering why you need to go through all of these steps in order to get Hulu in Canada, as opposed to simply changing your location to the United States, that is because if you just change your location, you will lose any and all data that was saved to Hulu.  This means that all those hours of customizing Hulu will be a waste.

For Android devices, you will want to:

  1. Visit payments.google.com and navigate to the settings link, immediately followed by hitting the Country tab.
  2. Choose Canada as your country and then enter your Canadian address.
  3. Once that is completed, go back to the settings tab, click on Apps and choose Google Play Store.  You are going to want to select the Force Stop button. Once this is done, you will want to go into Storage, navigate to the Google Play Store once again, and delete any data that has been saved.
  4. Once you do this, you should see Hulu listed in the available apps.  If you don’t see Hulu, simply repeat the process, being sure that you repeat any force stop, as well as clear all the data.

Congratulations!  You now have Hulu in Canada.

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