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VIA Rail Ottawa

Via Rail Station in Ottawa Ontario Schedule & Times to Toronto, Montreal & More

Ottawa has a specific rail station located in the heart of the city. It offers connecting trains to travel to and from Toronto and Montreal and has the ability to quickly take patrons to their destination much faster than the commutes through the numerous city roads, freeways, and highways. It operates on a Via Rail, which is a Crown corporation (government-controlled corporation) in Canada. In this guide, we’re going to give you some special info on the Via Rail available at the Ottawa Station, as well as some travel info to help you see why you can choose it for your destination.

What is the Via Rail?

When passenger trains started becoming a major form of transit during World War II, the Canadian Railway realized that passenger trains were no longer a viable option. Therefore, they wanted to provide no more service for them, but politicians and government officials made them maintain a small portion of these railways in order to keep them afloat. Even though the passenger amount started to diminish, the government had started to implement a transportation company similar to the way Amtrak works in the United States, by providing an intercity railway transport for people to ride in the 1970s.

The Canadian National Railway began to market and brand their transportation with the name Via (also Via CN). They ended up designing and labeling their passenger cars and trains while they still carried their old logos on them. Eventually, in late 1977, they ended up spinning off its passenger cars and trains as a separate entity and company altogether but still maintained its Crown company status.

To this day, Via is still an independent Crown company that is forced and regulated to operate as a legitimate business, and they are unfortunately forced to do so because they weren’t created by the actual legislation by Parliament, which would help them be able to be funded by money market as most other Crown corporations have done. Therefore, Amtrak is still subject to budget cuts and has to answer to the government instead of being able to make their own decisions as an independent company. Despite all of the problems the company has had, it still operates very strongly, even with the service cuts over the years they have faced.

How Safe is Traveling By Train?

The Via trains are an extremely safe way to travel. The main thing is that in order to travel on a train safely, you need to follow their rules, as well as if you are ever taking it on long journeys, you want to get out and back in at every stop, even if it’s just to stretch your legs for a minute. That way you can get plenty of regular activity and exercise to avoid problems like blood clots, and more when you’re taking the train.

You also need to follow their safety instructions, as they’re in place for a reason. If you’re not supposed to get up until the train gets going on track, or if they tell you to stay in your seat, then do so. It’s often the negligence to safety of the passenger that accidents might happen. Layovers and stops are bound to happen if you don’t plan your trip right too, because freight trains take priority in Canada over Via railways. In recent years, Canada has revamped and made numerous upgrades to their Via rail tracks, as well as their cars and improved their safety standards in order to make sure every passenger is as safe as possible. The largest renovations over the years was a 21.7 million CAD project that began in 2016 that helped to make more commodities and improvements for customers.

All About Ottawa Station

Via Rail Ottawa station was built in 1966 and is one of the most innovative projects at the time, winning a Massey Medal. This station is one of the top 500 buildings that were ever created in the country, and it is the primary facility for the trains to arrive at, when before they used to have to travel downtown into Union Station. They did this to help arrange the railway stops closer to the famous tourist attractions nearby, since a lot of people visit the Parliament Buildings, and the National Capital Commission’s Colonel by Drive parkway that is in the area. Since then, the old station has been turned into a government conference center.

Does Train Travel Cost A Lot?

While traveling by train does cost more than traveling by car, you’re basically paying for the price of convenience, however it is actually mildly cheap depending on the type of seating you get. The normal price range for a 24-hour round trip is only almost thirty to forty dollars in order to get the two stations in Ottawa, which is not a bad price to pay for a busy commute, should you need to use it for a close call. The difference is that trains cost more the further you have to go. So for example, if you need to depart from Ottawa’s VIA station, and then go to Toronto’s station, then you’ll need to spend more. The calculations done for a 1-seat passenger to take the train for one person is $144 for economy, all the way up to $304 dollars on average for the Business Plus package.

Many Escape plans are sold out, but we’ll include them (they’re normally early reservations).
The plans as follows to purchase tickets are:
Escape: Exchangeable, Non-refundable, at seat power outlets, Wi-Fi internet, and your baggage is limited to one carryon and one or two small articles on a budget.
100% VIA Preference Point Accumulation

Economy and Economy Plus: These plans offer the same amenities as escape, but with a selection of meals and snacks you can choose from, as well as a 125% (Economy) and 150% (Economy+) preference point accumulation

Business and Business Plus: You get complimentary meals and beverages, magazines and newspapers, priority boarding, larger article limits, business lounge access, and the rate charges that are exchangeable and refundable are different. You also get 100% (Business) or 150% (Business Plus) preference point accumulation. The Business Plus is also fully refundable while the service charge is not refundable for the regular package.

Final Thoughts

When you need to commute it’s no wonder why one of the nation’s largest train stations out there are working to get you where you need to go with a sense of luxury that is always still better than having to sit in your own car, plus it’s a lot safer. With more traffic accidents happening in vehicles, you are much safer and the prices are pretty affordable at the VIA station.

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