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Value Village Ottawa Thrift Store

Value Village Ottawa, ON Thrift Store Locations & Hours

Value Village is a famous thrift store chain throughout the West coast of the United States, and the Pacific Northwest, as well as most of Canada. They’re one of the most visited thrift stores in all of Ottawa. The store has grown since the company started back in 1954 in the States, and they’ve been in business successfully for this many years by how much they’ve made, and gained publicity in numerous areas for donating to non-profit agencies (even though it is only a portion of their sales). So what types of items can you get at Value Village? Keep reading and we’ll let you know.

What Donations They Accept

What started out as basically a second-hand clothing shop has evolved ten-fold and now they literally take almost everything. Of course, they can only sell items that are able to still be in useable condition, but they can accept clothes and shoes, books of all kinds, magazines, vinyl records, tapes, CD’s, Videos, DVD’s, Computer Software, Kitchen items and small appliances, radios, power tools, home accessories, and some electronics. The Canada store in Ottawa is located on Merivale Road, and they have recycled and they claim to have repurposed over 700 million pounds of items since they’ve opened. 

Do They Have Sales?

The Value Village Ottawa store is always having sales, for example, every Tuesday they have 30% off for seniors, and if you join the club you can get up to 50% off on select days they have sales. This can vary greatly, but according to most shoppers there, joining the club is completely worth it.

What Time Are They Open?

The West Ottawa location is the primary location in Ontario, and they’re open from 9:00AM to 9:00PM every Monday through Saturday, and on Sunday they are open from 10:00AM to 7:00PM, later than most thrift stores out there.

Are there Comparable Stores?

While there are all sorts of second-hand stores near Ottawa, the stores that are Value Village stores are huge. They have a ton of stores that are all much bigger than many thrift stores and even have been rated better than Goodwill or Salvation Army stores for many reasons. When one goes into a store and sees things displayed quite similarly as with every thrift store, they actually take care of their clothing racks a lot more as well. From what numerous people have reviewed, when you try to find clothes by a particular size, there are less misplaced items than you would find at other comparable thrift stores. 

Conclusion – Value Village in Ottawa

If you’re looking for some name brand items, you can ensure that you’ll find some, even if you don’t mind that they were probably owned by someone else. From suits and dresses, all the way down to pajamas and undergarments, you can literally find anything except for the kitchen sink (don’t quote us on this, just in the odd chance someone donates one!) The best thing about a thrift store is that you don’t have to let people know that you’re buying second-hand, and you can save money and the planet at the same time!

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