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Ottawa Sun Newspaper

The Ottawa Sun News – CA Newspaper

The Ottawa Sun Newspaper is the primary newspaper in all of the Ottawa area. If you’re familiar with this area, then you more than likely have been getting or at least read one of these newspapers on multiple occasions. They offer news for the entire Ottawa area, as well as news for Canada, the world, technological sections, business and marketing, and much more. They even have the normal sports columns, entertainment columns, lifestyle advice, and other categories their articles can be classified in. We’re going to tell you a bit about the famous Ottawa Sun which is now fully available online as well for its more tech-savvy readers.

How Did It Start?

Sun Media, a popular tabloid printing company which is currently owned by Postmedia Network after they bought them out in 2015. However, they got their start in 1983 back then as the “Ottawa Sunday Herald” since it was originally just a weekly newspaper. After being purchased by the company known at the time as the Toronto Sun Publishing Corporation in 1988, they because a daily newspaper. That exact year, they started posting their normal Sunday publication named Ottawa Sun and then their daily publications a few months later. They continued to maintain their larger Sunday publications though. Just like other different newspapers around Canada, they have a Sunshine Girl feature still, as they dropped the “Sunshine Boy” feature earlier on. In the past, they had some big names in editors, and then ultimately in 2016 they inherited the former editing manager of the Montreal Gazette.

What Does it Contain the Most Of?

Most of the editorials in the paper has a more conservative feel to it, and the print version of the newspaper was more like general tabloids out there. However, they did have accurate news on there, rather than just the regular paparazzi laced tabloids that trouble actors and actresses with sometimes fake news.

After the internet and mobile world started booming, of course you could still get a full-blown newspaper that gave you a delivery to your doorstep every morning, but you could also join and subscribe online. You can go the Ottawa Sun’s website, which is a WordPress hosted website that is packed full of features, news stories, and just about every top article that they’ve had in their actual print versions as well. Later on after the mobile boom happened, they made it more accessible by offering an Ottawa Sun app that you can actually download on your smartphone or tablets by using either Apple’s App Store or Android’s famous Google Play Store. You get essentially a smaller version of the exact same content that is available on the website in this way.

How Much Does it Cost?

Depending on your actual form of subscription, you can actually save money per month by ordering online. For about sixteen Canadian dollars per month as advertised on their website, you can get the daily paper delivered to you in print form. The online form by using a browser costs almost half that at nine dollars and ninety-five cents per month, while the e-paper version which allows you to download the daily paper and read offline on your devices costs just a penny shy of ten dollars per month.

The Sister Papers

We mentioned other papers that are in control by the Sun Media publications and these also involve other papers in Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, and they even have papers in Alberta, Manitoba, as well as weekly papers in various locations too. Ontario has some of the most publications than any others, and the Ottawa Sun is one of the most primarily read newspapers. 

What Do People Think of the Ottawa Sun?

Well, as the Sunday Herald was previously released in 1983, the paper has printed over an average of 120,195 newspapers just by 2011, so we can hardly imagine how many papers in circulation have been printed another 18 years later. Many people in the area have been found to value the Ottawa Sun’s newspapers because its news had had the least amount of controversy compared to other tabloids out there, or even some of United States’ popular News media outlets. If you’re looking for the best news out there, you can consider the fact that they have also had some News Hall of Fame writers as previous editors-in-chief.

Up To Date Weather and Traffic

One key feature that Sun Media has been great about is including traffic reports and information all throughout each one of their websites. They offer their own webcams and can tell you about important weather events happening with a top of the line forecast powered by Canada’s own very popular The Weather Network (a.k.a. Meteo Media Canada’s top company when it comes to weather reports). 

How Accurate is Ottawa Sun?

There are all types of news stories to choose from, and if you’re in the mood for a lighter side of things, you can even go to their weird section of the news for the strange and outrageous news story as well (which are more tabloid-like stories). They even include their editorial cartoons and comic strips with their political comic sections as well to give you a good laugh. If you need up to date on the sports minute, you can’t really go wrong by finding out detailed information about them, as well as getting the best in draft picks and opinionated posts as well.

The website is extremely easy to navigate, and you can literally see articles that speak for themselves. According to their use, none of their news is actually outsourced or gathered from external sources, and they even offer numerous local area retail store advertisements and flyers that you can look at online rather than having to buy the newspaper just to see the “sales ads”

Conclusion – Ottawa Sun

The Ottawa Sun Newspaper does indeed have its own entertainment sections that can greatly enhance your day to day life with news and interesting headlines. However, unlike traditional tabloid newspapers, they actually have real news on there, and not a bunch of fake and PhotoShopped images and stories. That being said, you can always ensure that you’re reading quality content when you pick up an Ottawa Sun Newspaper and can follow just about any story.

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