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The Dirty Ottawa

TheDirty Ottawa Gossip Website

Years ago, there was a website hat was full of numerous juicy stories about people and the things they did wrong – including numerous celebrities out there. The website was more like a gossip column and it was called The Dirty Ottawa, made by founding father Nik Richie. The website was viral for a long time since it started in 2007, and he has been watching over his website for years. Then it grew into a website that eventually caused numerous scandals for stars and even ruined the lives of political readers. Then all of a sudden in 2017, Richie decided to do something different… He decided to relaunch the website and make it more about entertainment and less about all of the negativity that it brought upon people.

No More Rumors

The website is being relaunched to be much nicer to people and Richie has been trying to shift the website from rumors to actual news about celebrities and the entertainment industry. Even though Nik made his big name by allowing readers to email him the latest rumors regarding each other, and even famous people, then posting the dirt on them on his website. He would feature his favorites in his blog, and even go so far as to put media proof of the people who have done wrong, and then allow the entire world to see it. This had even ruined the lives and reputations of some celebrities out there. Then in January of 2017, he did the unthinkable – he decided to stop with the shenanigans.

He hired a team of actual researchers to do real research to post actual entertainment news. It was a small team of seven individuals and they worked diligently to give the website an overhaul. But this time, instead of saying bad things about people, he’s trying to basically clean up the magazine to equal many of those other webzines out there such as TMZ and the like.

A Change of Pace

In the Spring of 2017, an interested team of producers decided to partner with Nik and make a reality show about him and his life as an online rat. They used the memoir he made in 2013 to bring it to the greenlight. This means that while he’s not completely cancelling the blog of his past, he’s trying to get more spotlight. This website was full of fake news and he wants to break out of that genre of rumors and rants, and create something that’s real. While he may be putting his name out there on the television as his old self, the reality is that he’s trying to make sure that his resources are well-checked, and that he is more credible with the research so that he can only post things that are the truth.

Why the Change of Pace?

The years haven’t been kind to Nik Richie. It’s not even his real name – Hooman Karamian. However, he has been well known as the guy who ruins other people’s lives and ended up giving himself a bad name in the process. Maybe he did a little bit of soul searching himself, and therefore, he wants to change things and do the right thing now. But can people really forget the old Richie and the old website and maintain following? Only time will tell.

Who is Nik Richie

Richie is 39 years old, and it appears it’s time for a change. Before he began his journey as the world’s meanest blogger, he actually went to California State Fullerton, but he didn’t really get good greats. He actually hang onto the California music scene, tried becoming the manager for a band, and much more. When that didn’t work, he ended up coming up into a scheme where he’s swindle money from real artists and then promise to get them signed – although he never did that.

So, basically it was his way to get back at people, because out of spite since the industry screwed him over, he wanted to do it to other people like a true troll. In 2007 that’s when he took the world by storm. He ended up meeting numerous celebrities, and became a paparazzi of sorts to the worst degree, much like those that inquire and write for The Sun and other tabloids. The downside is that he often misrepresented normal people and allowed things to be posted on-site even if they weren’t true. This caused a lot of turmoil for a lot of people.


It’s unclear whether Nik Richie will be able to accomplish making his website the cleaner and truer blog that he’s aiming for, but he is trying. Was it a change of heart? Nobody will ever know. But numerous people have interviewed him and he claims that he has changed his ways.

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