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The Best Antivirus for Windows 10

We all know that everyone needs to be able to maintain their own privacy and security, and most importantly when it comes to Microsoft Windows 10, we should all by now know what the basics are – don’t download unknown applications and software, don’t just randomly click links, don’t open messages and emails that you don’t recognize (or don’t click the links on them), and don’t give your personal information to anyone that you don’t know about. More than anything of course, you still have to keep your Windows programs up to date with Windows Update and even your antivirus software.

There are a few programs that are the most popular when it comes to sales, and the ones that have been talked about the most and even used the most are of course free antivirus software, paid services, and what many consider on-demand malware and virus removal programs. In this case, those are Norton 360 Deluxe for corporate solutions, Windows Defender (which is totally free and comes with Windows), and Malwarebytes which offers a free version and a paid version for immediate spyware and virus removal.

If you’re looking for a free virus protection, just turn everything on for Windows Defender and you can have all of your networked devices automatically protected. You do want to still practice safe computing in order to do this as it can do plenty. The only downside is that sometimes it won’t catch everything. Norton, is the most common corporate antivirus test when it comes to user choice, but even it can lack and it is totally optional on what paid program you want to use. The best on-demand is still Malwarebytes, and you can get the free version. Otherwise the paid version depends on how many devices you have. If these programs aren’t your preference though, you can choose from many others that are available, like Avast, Bitdefender, McAffee, TrendMicro, and even AVG.

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