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The Amazon Wildfires Blazing

In the Amazon, a wildfire broke out and now it is stated that cattle ranchers and loggers who want to use the land ended up starting the blaze. The fires are burning faster than any other wildfire and they’re getting worse since the wildfires have been tracked since 2013 by the National Institute for Space Research.

The trees in the Amazon have been considered and researched that they provide approximately twenty percent of the world’s oxygen in the atmosphere, and the Amazon rainforest is the largest on Earth. 

Out of all of the 72,843 wildfires that have been in Brazil this year, with most of them being in the Amazon, there has been an eighty percent increase and it is estimated that it will greatly increase global warming.

Numerous posts on social media and images have shown images of smoke and raining nothing but ashes everywhere, and even in Sao Paulo, the smoke can be seen. So far nearly half of the country is covered according to the European satellite, Copernicus, and even Peru, Bolivia, and Paraguay have been affected.

So who’s to blame for these devastating wildfires? According to what some people have discovered, loggers and other farmers are to blame for starting many of the wildfires, but according to climate and environmental extremists, it is all due to the policies for increasing economic growth laid out by the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, as he accused of doing nothing to put out the wildfires. Bolsonaro has stated that he is appealing with the people of Brazil to help combat the fires and that the country lacks the resources to combat the wildfires, forcing countries like Ireland and Great Britain to act, proposing a trade block between Europe and Brazil.

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