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THC Gummies Pushed Despite Regulations

With all the buzz raging in the edibles market of THC manufacturing and distribution, and with marijuana already being legal, companies have figured out how to market gummies, despite the law that will make edibles legal on Oct. 17th in Canada. The main reason why the laws are in effect the way they are right now, is to keep marijuana from getting into the hands of children and appealing to youth, but there has been no set ruling on what age limit, or what the line is to be crossed. Therefore, companies have figured that they could make gummies without being so fun that they’re marketed and targeted by children.

While pot gummy bears aren’t going to be hitting the shelves in early, the companies have decided that they can actually still cash in by creating flavorless and colorless gummies, and still be marketable to adults. Gummies are the most popular way to consume THC infused edibles, while cookies, brownies, and chocolates are all at a lower percentage.

One of the reason that gummies are becoming more popular for consumers is basically the fact that they’re easy to consume, and easier to conceal, therefore being a more convenient form of edible. Not only that, but they have a higher shelf life than other forms of edible THC products on the market. They’ve already had edible gummies on the shelves for the CBD market as soon as the boom started, but we’re seeing more and more that people are looking to make an almost 2.7-billion-dollar market out of THC gummies by the end of the year.

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