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Steve Jobs Photo… Or Is It? New Apple Conspiracy Theories

In 2011, at the age of 56, the creator of Apple, Steve Jobs died eight years after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. However, there is a picture of an Egyptian man flying all over the internet of a man that was shared on posts like Reddit and Facebook where a man who looks like Steve Jobs is in fact alive and well and is hiding in Egypt. 

There has been more than one picture of this man throughout Egypt and the image looks identical to the famous Apple creator. The man even goes barefoot as Jobs often did, however the man himself doesn’t don something that is completely integral to Steve Jobs in America himself – he’s not wearing an Apple Watch, as Mr. jobs himself did.

Contrary to speculations, of course numerous Elvis jokes were mocking and trolling in as well. Other people believed that he may have had a twin but believe that if it were in fact Steve Jobs, he would be keeping quiet about the new Apple Watch ideas, as well as numerous rumors that blatantly point out the question of why an American multibillionaire would be found in terrorist laden Egypt in the first place. One user however even pointed out that Apple should hire the man and give them a new marketing ploy stating that Jobs has risen back from the dead and that he could have a solid career ahead of him if they did so, putting a new twist on the market, even if it is completely wrong. Of course, no matter the conspiracy theory behind it, is it too hard to think that a man would get out of the stresses and struggles of something so big and get away from it all because they were tired of the fame? It has been known to happen. Who knows?

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