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St Hubert Ottawa

Rotisserie St. Hubert Ottawa, ON – Restaurant Menu, Locations, Hours & More

St Hubert is not just a restaurant that makes very tasty roasted chicken and BBQ sauce, it is a restaurant that is really famous for this. This restaurant which is situated in St-Laurent Blvd, Ottawa is also known for its rapid delivery.

So, if after the day’s work and stress, you want to unwind a little with some tasty chicken, St Hubert is one place you just have to consider if you are resident in Ottawa. Featured at St Hubert Ottawa are lots of appetizers that can be blended with a wide range of cocktails. At St Hubert, you do not just get to enjoy tasty meals and sip great alcoholic cocktails, you can meet people, chat them up and have very good fun in an environment with very good music.

St Hubert is open to people of all ages. So, it is a great place to hang out with friends and family. It is also an ideal place for people that are on a date.

Although popular as a restaurant, St Hubert does more than this. It is a place to order for food and get it right in front of your door. It features very fast deliveries. So you can be sure to get the food you order for before you lose appetite.

What do you want to enjoy? A discovery or your best local dish? St Hubert is the place to have your needs met. This restaurant is open between the hours of 11 and 10 between Sundays and Thursdays. And on Fridays and Saturdays, it is open between 11:00 am and 11: 00 pm.

At St Hubert, you can be certain to get very good treatment. This restaurant is always ready to meet your needs. It features friendly services, friendly and courteous waiters, and an amazing experience. All things being equal, the food at St Hubert is brought not long after you make an order.

This restaurant is not one that just claims to be popular. It is indeed popular. One of the proofs of the popularity of this restaurant is the fact that there is sometimes a long line up. To avoid any inconveniences that the demand at this restaurant will cause, it is vital that you make a reservation before heading in.

While this restaurant can be quite quiet during working hours on an average weekday, during weekends, the case is usually different. On Saturdays, there is an increased level of demands. Also, the noise level increases. This, therefore, makes it a bad time to have a very quiet meeting. If you have any plans to visit this restaurant on Saturdays, you have to prepare your mind to be very comfortable in slightly noisy environments. While it is bad enough that St Hubert can be noisy on Saturdays, it is even a lot noisier when a section in the restaurant gets reserved for a party. Regardless of what type of party it is reserved for, there is always a skyrocket in noise levels on days like this.

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