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RONA Ottawa

RONA Ottawa – Home & Garden Nepean Ontario Hours & Locations

In this guide, we’re going to talk about a retailer that has made waves in the home improvement and construction industry all over Canada, namely in Ottawa. The company has been around since 1939, and what started as just a home improvement store has grown over the years to become one of the leading stores with numerous department stores and though now they’re owned by one of the largest giants in the world and North America – Lowe’s Home and Hardware, they were almost just as big. We’re talking about the famously missed Rona stores.

Peer Pressure

What started out as a major chain of regular home and hardware store, became much more than that when competitive market from “the Home Depot” “Lowe’s”, and other home and garden suppliers provided with the Rona brand in order to compete with sales, and thus the Home & Garden stores were born. They ended up having extremely large warehouses that were similar to their competitors, and since some of the stores outside of Quebec stores forced them to close, they still wanted to maintain their brand even though they had to downsize.

After many of the smaller, less earning stores ended up closing, they began to thrive some more, and they did all of this just by being a corporate and franchise-owned company, which is something that is different than Home Depot and Lowe’s who are owned by their own brand. 

The End of a Journey

Unfortunately, partially due to their success, and their ability to bring home the bacon, as well as adapt with the rest of the “big box” store market they still remained to be corporate-owned and operated. In 2016, they lost 40 stores by a humongous merger with Lowes, however, as they agreed to reposition their mid-sized stores and eliminate the lower-earning stores. Those stores were sold to Lowe’s for $3.2 billion dollars, and left their higher-earning stores owned still by Rona.

What Do They Offer?

If you go to the store that operates from 6am-10pm on Monday through Friday, 7am-9pm on Saturday, or 7am-8pm on Sundays, you can find that they have a lot of items of luxury and high quality which is a perfect place for contractors to get materials. They even have their own brand of things such as paint, and other items, as well as budget-friendly items that you can purchase. Whether you need home hardware, plumbing items, or even things such as fixtures, fencing, décor for both indoors and outdoors, and even outdoor furniture, there are millions of items in stock that you can find to make your home perfectly decorated.


It was rumored that Rona Ottawa was going to disappear when they first had mentioned the sale of some of their stores, but there are still larger stores in select locations despite the “re-branding” to Lowes, and they’re still the go-to place for contractors when it comes to shopping for home and garden supplies in all of Ottawa. They make an average of 4.2 CAD per year, and although they’re completely owned by Lowe’s as their parent company, there are still plenty of them available, which means some of their stores are going to survive just fine after Lowe’s closed 31 locations.

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