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Red Bull Lawsuit Settles and pays Canadians Ten Dollars

Did you buy a Red Bull energy drink between January 1st 2007, up to July 23rd of 2019? If so, you might be entitled to compensation!

Sounds like an infomercial for an attorney doesn’t it? Well, the truth is, you really could be entitled, thanks to a class action lawsuit against the company or Red Bull, and you can literally get up to $10 from the ordeal.

Late last month, Red Bull admitted to violating the Consumer Protection Act by not informing the consumers of the popular drinks of all of the possible risks and dangers that can be associated with energy drinks. The United States has already gone through this, but apparently it hasn’t happened in Canada yet. Therefore, if you fill a claim through the Energy Drink Settlement Program, you can actually get ten dollars from the company as long as it’s before 5:00PM on October 14th. 

So why did this happen? Well, the Red Bull website didn’t include a link to Health Canada warning all Canadians of the potential risks associated with consuming energy drinks. They only claim on its website that Red Bull can improve people’s alertness, as well as increasing concentration. However, they settled this lawsuit that Canada spiked against them, just like they did in the United States in 2014, so they wouldn’t get all of the problems. Of course, their marketing isn’t and has never been false marketing, but as it was discovered in the United States, it definitely doesn’t give you wings.

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