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Poutine Fest Ottawa

PoutineFest Ottawa ON – Poutine Fest 2020 – Dates & Location

Popular as one of the biggest Poutine festivals in the world, the Poutine Fest Ottawa is a food festival that takes place in Ottawa, Canada every spring. It is characterized by lots of food vendors and trucks that make some of the tastiest meals available to residents of Ottawa and visitors. Although this festival is famous for various types of dishes. It has gradually expanded to include an amazing beer experience. So if you love eating tasty meals and drinking beer, this festival is one you will love. In this festival, all the restaurants that participate make some of the most special cuisines available to guests at this festival. Although all about food, Poutine Fest Ottawa, also makes it possible to enjoy the weather.

Poutine Fest Ottawa is an event which usually lasts for four days and takes place at the OTTAWA CITY HALL. It is an event that features activities that are fun-filled. Some of the activities featured in this event are face painting, caricatures, balloon animals, eating competitions, etc.

At the Poutine Fest Ottawa, every attendee can enjoy lots of exotic, as well as traditional poutine variations. Although there are lots of activities at Poutine Fest Ottawa, this festival is a food festival. Due to this, every participant in this festival can have a feel of some of the best restaurants, as well as cafes in Ottawa.

Poutine Fest Ottawa is no doubt very entertaining. However, beyond being a place for some of the tastiest meals in Canada, this event features some live music.

Beyond being just about food, Poutine Fest Ottawa is about poutine, a national dish in Canada. This meal is a dish of French fries and cheese curds which are spiced with gravy. Although quite popular in Ottawa, Canada, this recipe is not new. It dates back to the late 1950s when it made its first appearance in Quebec. Since it was first eaten in Quebec, it is strongly linked to Quebecoise tradition. There are different ways to make Poutine. This is one reason it is quite popular among chefs in Ottawa.

Poutine Fest Ottawa is open to people of all ages and is free. Since this festival is all about food, if you are not a foodie, you might not enjoy it. That’s not all, to enjoy everything that this event has to offer, it is best to show up on all four days. This way, you will be able to experience a lot of the dishes that are available at the Poutine Fest Ottawa. Furthermore, show up with an empty belly, as there is a lot to consume. Usually, before the start of this program, there is a release of all vendors that will be participating. This way, you can make a plan for what you want to try out.

Although a free festival, the meals at Poutine Fest Ottawa are not free. The only thing free about this festival is entry. Each food you eat has to be paid for. 

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