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Plenty of Fish Ottawa

POF Ottawa Ontario – Plenty of Fish Search & Sign In Canada

There are all types of websites out there, and even all sorts of dating sites that many people know about. Some offer free services, while others are considered premium (like Match.com, eHarmony.com and OurTime for seniors). However, there is actually a little hidden Canadian gem that people in Ottawa frequently use, but many people from other avenues of the world don’t even realize it originated in Canada. 

The Origin of POF (Previously PlentyOfFish)

The CEO of Plenty Of Fish Media Inc. was a graduate from the British Columbia Institute of Technology with a diploma in CST, or computer systems technology. In 2004, the site got its start independently and was angled towards people of all ages because there were “Plenty of Fish in the Sea” as the saying goes. He started hiring more employees at the headquarter in Vancouver in 2008. After the site started to take off, Frind began to realize the potential, and then in 2009, four years after the site was privately hosted on a local IIS server, PoF launched a contest teamed up with Lady Gaga allowing members to meet the famous singer.

There are a lot of videos that PoF was featured in, from Telephone by Lady Gaga, to “Touch” “We R Who We R” and even Akon’s music track “Available”. Even 3OH!3 got in on featuring it in 2010 in their video called “Double Vision”. The site got a lot of slack for all of these paid product placements and have been constantly negatively reviewed at how they did it undisclosed. But nevertheless, the user-base grew.

In 2010, the first PlentyOfFish mobile apps for iPhone and Android came out. After that they migrated to having multiple platforms also available in the iStore for the iPad and even Windows phone. They were actually part of the mobile integration due to their apps, and by the year 2013 they had most of their logins actually from people’s mobile phones.

Critical Hacking Issues

Unfortunately, the site wasn’t completely secure and by 2011, Plenty Of Fish Ottawa found out that their website had been hacked and that a phisher was able to retrieve almost 30 million users’ login and password information on their accounts. Since that happened, the people have been found and Frind has alleged that he threatened legal action in response to how much they were put down by the media, which greatly damaged the revenue generated by the site. 

In 2012, PoF ended up securing a deal with another dating site and in February, the parents of a U.S. Army Lieutenant Peter Burks sued the company because pictures of their son who was killed in Iraq in 2007 were used without permission. At the same time, it was reported that many users had been complaining about Facebook photos being stolen to create “phishing” accounts that had been sending spam junk mail into people’s spam folders, forcing them to click on a link and verifying “account information” that did not exist to make them sign up. 

While the parents were seeking damages, the legal affairs manager said that a third party advertiser ran an ad promoting another dating site using the soldier’s picture, and that one of the places the advertiser ran the ad ended up being Plenty of Fish….

Later on in 2012, Frind stated that over the millions of relationships that the site had created, that it is estimated that over a million babies were made because of people meeting from the site. This appeared in an article online and received numerous complaints and negative media attention.

On with 2013 to Present

After a gruesome first few years, the owner of PlentyofFish decided to change the goal of the website that started out as a “hookup” site for most younger people, to changing on creating meaningful relationships and be an official premium dating site. They removed the option to flag your profile as desiring “intimate encounters” and they also took out the option to contact other users of age differences greater than “Markus” (which was a 14-year age range), which the owner did not like. The site still continues to try and match people up with people that are more than a 14-year guideline, if you attempt to contact someone outside of that age range, you will still get an e-mailed message to their private message inbox to encourage the user to not contact someone outside of that age range. Because of the vulgar images that were constantly being sent to females, males could no longer attach images to messages and the site automatically blocks male users’ messages if they use vulgar words when they try to send them.

Match Group, who acquired PoF ended up not removing “quick messages” and also lifting the restriction for image sending, and they fixed the website to not allow anyone outside of the 14-year age limit to appear in searches. If you attempt to contact members outside of this range, they put a block on doing so, and you get a message stating that the user doesn’t meet the member’s contact criteria, and shows many other matches instead of sending a custom message to their inbox.


In 2019, you can use multiple algorithms and search mechanisms to find people that have some similar views to you. By March of 2015 they had 100 million users online, some of which ended up being the targets of cyberattacks with an adlink. Unfortunately, it does have negative reviews and media attention, and was even fined for violating Canada’s Anti-Spam law in 2018, but they are still one of the most popular dating sites even in Canada, and although British Media links the website to rape, stalking, and assault, as well as many other crimes that happen through online dating sites, the site is still holding strong, and has a U.S. Market share with 18.57 of the market, as well as being the number one site as far as dating sites go by users in the UK, Canada, and Worldwide. People who sign up for the website can still sign up free, but in order to get multiple perks that the website has to offer, they have to pay, which makes them one of the top premium dating sites in the world according to the user base.

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