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Ottawa Traffic Cameras

City of Ottawa Traffic Cameras – 417 MTO Live Cam

Over the years, there has been innovative technology that has begun to take the world by storm, met with controversy at first, but as the years progressed, is seen as more than a lifesaver when it comes to some of the higher traffic areas in Ottawa. You know you’ve seen someone run a red light before, and while it may give more people tickets, it can help to prove as a positive safety device in the event of a crash and teaches more people not to drive less recklessly. You can now view these cameras online even, so if you wanted to keep an eye on traffic, you’ll know where the most congested areas are and how to stay away from that route in order to reach your destination.

When Traffic Cameras Got their Start

In the year 2000, there was only one red-light camera (traffic cameras that are installed at red lights), and not there are more traffic cameras. More than ever now though, traffic cameras are put on high utility poles, and other areas so that they can provide constant capturing of road conditions, as well as traffic accidents that may be in place. At the same time that a crash happens, since the videos are received by a monitoring center, the center can also act as an emergency dispatch to ensure that emergency medical services get there quickly to the scene.

Just the red-light cameras alone has greatly reduced the odds of people getting sideswiped or T-boned by helping people not run red lights as often. And knowing that there are traffic cameras, and where they are at can also benefit in safe driving as well.

Avoid Ottawa Traffic Jams

Fortunately, all of the traffic cameras in Ottawa are broadcasted online on a website by an anonymous user that decided to create a website that lists the most popular intersections and routes that people can view all over the city. The city of Ottawa also has a live feed of every traffic camera in the area as well, and you can click on any of the traffic cameras that are listed (they currently have every single one of them listed) to view the live “still-image” video feed of that camera.

How Do the Cameras Work?

Traffic cameras are somewhat similar to stop light cameras, except rather than being triggered by motion, they are constantly on. They take a low-res video comprised in still-image video, as the display refreshes every so many seconds just like a regular security camera that you may find at some stores. Because of their video capability, they’re able to be used as “webcams” by being broadcasted online, and then turned around and put on 5-1-1 websites. 

Conclusion – Ottawa Traffic Cameras

When you’re trying to travel to a destination, sometimes an accident, or even just road construction can get in the way of things, and believe it or not, traffic is something that can actually cause people to be late for work and important appointments in heavily congested areas. Therefore, by going to a site like OttawaCameras or Ottawa’s Traffic website, you can view these Ottawa traffic cameras, find out what’s going on and get an idea of what the traffic is like before you plan your commute, making it easier to figure out different alternate routes if need be.

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