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Ottawa Senators NHL Hockey Team [2019]

National Hockey League’s Ottawa Senators – News, Scores, Schedule

When it comes to hockey, the NHL (National Hockey League) is the primary thing that people think of when it comes to the sport itself, and this is something that pretty much has been a major thing in Canada. One thing for certain, Ottawa is no stranger to the sport either. In this post, we’re going to talk about one of the world famous hockey teams that started, moved away, then made their famous comeback to Ottawa – we’re talking about the Ottawa Senators (no, not the government officials).

They Got their Start Early

The original Senators team actually started right there in Ottawa, and they ended up being around back in 1883 and they played their hearts out until the year 1954. They were then a part of the Ottawa Hockey Club and they ended up changing their name officially to the Senators in 1980. During their years as the Senators, they also were the primary team in Canada that had won eleven total Stanley Cups, and then they disbanded in the 1950’s. They actually had to move to St. Louis, Missouri back in the 1930’s when the NHL franchise moved to the Midwest, and ended up operating as the St. Louis Eagles, who played one season and didn’t even place. After this season, they ended up disbanding and were told not to return to the NHL. For years (until 1992), Ottawa lost their ability to have an NHL franchise again when the Senators were brought back with vigor after a new stadium was built.

Bring Back the Senators

After the new Senators team was brought back, the NHL hired Mel Bridgman who had played hockey for the NHL for the Philadelphia Flyers until 1989, to be the first general manager of the team. They couldn’t get Brian Sutter, a previous Jack Adams Award winner, because his asking bid for salary was too high and didn’t want to be a part of a new startup in Canada. Afterwards, Ottawa ended up signing Rick Bowness, who had just been replaced with Sutter in Boston for the Boston Bruins hockey team. The new team was then put in the Adams Division of Wales Conference, and ended up getting on the ball in October of 1992. They ended up defeating their opposing team – the Montreal Canadiens, and thus started the bright future that was ahead of them. Afterwards, they let things get to their heads though, and ended up failing their first season being on the worst hockey teams roster in close comparison with the San Jose Sharks. They ended up taking this loss with a grain of salt though, and didn’t let it get them down. This was actually their ploy when it came to toying with their enemies. Stay off the grid for a little while, then after a few years, get back to their solid goal of getting the Stanley Cup back.

After the first season, they ended up canning Bridgman, and then the team president Randy Sexton took over as manager of the hockey team. Firestone ended up leaving the team as the owner and Rod Bryden came into play as the new owner of it. This brought a big change to their table, but their aim to get high drafts and win on top in the future didn’t end up altering one bit. Thus, after three consecutive seasons, they finished the league in last place. In 1993-1994, they ended up laying in the Eastern Conference’s Northeast Division, and then they ended up getting a full roster of players that ended up becoming some of the most famous hockey players in history to date. One of their first drafts from 1992 even ended up being one of the NHL’s biggest stars. They ended up trading off many of their older players including their top scorer Norm Maciver, and some of their top picks from fans to bring a new change.

In 1995, their new center Alexi Yashin didn’t even want to honor his contract. He ended up not playing, and in December of the 1995-96 hockey season, fans started to doubt that their plan was going to work, and people began to not come to the games. This led to their manager getting fired and replaced with Prince Edward Island Senators’ coach David Allison. He ended up doing the same thing though, and he was replaced before the 1996 season. Then the ball started to roll. The new coach, Pierre Gauthier, ended up being able to fix the dispute with Alexei’s contract, and then they ended up hiring Jacques Martin as a head coach for the team. Though they finished last, their attitude had changed, and they ended up getting a rookie from Sweden that ended up eventually winning the Calder Memorial Trophy and ended up also being the Rookie of the Year in 1996.

The Martin Philosophy

Martin had an interesting game. He realized that a strong defense was what makes the offense work, and it helped them qualify for the season’s playoffs, even though he was often laughed at and mocked because the team couldn’t get that much success there. Sure, they may have lost, but from being on the bottom, this was still a big change.

This ended up happening a lot, and therefore they were constantly getting up to the top, but eventually, this ended up leading to Martin leaving the team in 2004, shortly after the new billionaire Eugene Melnyk ended up buying out the team to help provide them with some financial security. After this, they ended up finding a new coach.

Bryan Murray’s Reign

After constantly losing in the playoffs like many other teams in other sports and leagues (Just ask Kansas City Chief’s American Football team about their coaches leading them to playoffs then failing them), they grew weary. Fortunately, their new owner ended up pulling some strings and told them that things were about to change in their good fortune, which they did. They ended up hiring the previous Anaheim Ducks general manager, Bryan Murray, and he became the lead coach of the team. They ended up signing a new goaltender, and ended up trading a couple veteran players and had a brand new lineup that even though they couldn’t show until the NHL lock-out in 2004-2005 was over. Right before the season in 2005 began to ensue though, they ended up hiring Dany Heatley by trading yet another popular veteran player. All of a sudden, a brand new Senators emerged yet again, and they ended up winning 19 of their first 22 games, and won a total of 52 games placing first in the conference. They ended up having that final teams that they were once talking about getting in the past, and bringing home the bacon as well as some of the new offensive line players was known as the leagues toughest offensive lineups in the NHL. They ended up losing in the playoffs just barely because one of their main goalies Dominik Hasek ended up getting injured, so they had to use a rookie benchwarmer as their starting goalie.

Their First Cup Game in Decades

In 2006, the Senators ended up making it into the top by getting into the playoffs after 9 seasons. While they had a high turnover when it came to their struggles keeping management, and then the 2006 team ended up not coming out so strong. They wondered if the team was even going to make it. But then they ended up showing that the new top lineup they were able to beat the Pittsburgh Penguins, the New Jersey Devils, and then finally the Buffalo Sabres consecutively and came out on top. They hadn’t been in the Stanley Cup Finals since the 1920’s mind you, so this was a very big and hugely historic deal. Businesses everywhere were showing their support, from young to the older ones (even those who remembered the first team). Even the capital city showed their support with a giant Senators flag, people held rallies, and an entire mile of traffic was closed and reserved for Senators fans during and after the games.

Strangely enough though, they ended up fighting the mighty Anaheim Ducks, who was a big favorite team from the beginning of the season, and an already well-established hockey team in the league for years. When the ducks won the first two games, the senators won the third, blocking the win, and then ended up losing in the last two games just shy of getting the cup by losing by only about 1-2 points per game until the final fifth game of the Stanley Cup Tournament, in which they ended up losing by four points.


After the team ended up losing the Stanley Cup Final, Bryan Murray ended up resigning from the team as his contract ended up expiring. The general Manager though, only had one year left, so Murray decided to take over as general manager in the future, even though they didn’t know when. This led Melnyk the choice of giving the position to Murray, and then offering another position to Muckler, who gratefully declined.  Thus, they yet again had a new head coach, John paddock. While the team started out with fire, they ended up slowing down and failing just before the playoffs. Murray fired Paddock because they’d been through this before, and ended up hiring Craig Harsburg., whom they still struggled with and couldn’t up their game. Cory Clouston was then brought up, and ultimately the team kept losing again frequently throughout multiple management and coaching changes yet again until 2016.

But What About the Present?

In 2016, Murray announced that he was resigning and became an advisor. That’s when Pierre Dorion came in, and they ended up making a lot of head game changes in order to being in their newer coach, and their new assistant coach. For the 2016-2017 years, they ended up getting back in the game and placed second in the Atlantic Division, facing the Boston Brewers and ended up winning both the New York Rangers and the Boston Brewers, some of their toughest competitors. They were one game away from getting into the Stanley Cup Final again, but they barely lost to the Penguins again. But now the year is 2019, and last year, they ended up losing yet again, placing last in the division, for the first time since 1996’s playoffs. They’re still a very active team, and they’re looking forward to fixing their rosters yet again, so they can come out on top once more.

What are the Team’s Colors and Mascot?

The team colors of the Senators are red, black, and white primarily, and the trim is a gold color. Their away jerseys sport their reverse colors by being mostly white with more red and black trim, and their home journey is mainly red with some white and black trim. The Senator mascot is of a roman general in the middle of their golden logo’s circle, which also sports the letter O for Ottawa. 

Surprisingly enough, the team’s mascot is not a full-blown Spartan senator, but instead, a dorky, and very child-loving lion named Spartacat that sports a Sparty jersey with the logo on the front. At the same time, they have their own theme song in which the Spartacat loves to belt out. He’s constantly seen swinging around through the Canadian Tire Centre, where the Senators currently play, and he also does his part when it comes to the various events when it comes to schools, hospitals and has even been known to show up at children’s hockey games in the area. He is also one of the official mascots that was granted the main spot in the “Read to Succeed” program that Ottawa Senator’s created to help make children read better. He constantly fights with Carlton the Bear from the Toronto Maple Leafs (one of their main competitors).

Conclusion – Ottawa Senators

With a new season coming up, and more constant changes, it’s no surprise that yet again they’ve got a tough road ahead of them, however every time the tough get going, the going gets tougher when it comes to the Ottawa Senators. Therefore, we look forward to a very interesting round when it comes to the 2019-2020 season!

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