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During your school days, you must have gotten involved in a number of heated arguments with your friends or even teachers. Although most of these arguments would lead to nowhere, there are some that can prove you worthy of a good debate. In this modern era, although the fun of the good old days seem to be lost, you will still find people debating on topics through discussions. These discussions are more online than offline.

When you search on the internet, you will come across several websites that are rather good platforms for people to discuss on matters. These topics may either be on some relevant topics that are related to the world or a picture of someone or even a video. When you talk about such websites, the first name that pops up in your mind is Reddit.

About Reddit

If you spend a lot of time on the internet, there is a good possibility of you have already heard about Reddit. The site self-proclaims itself as the “front page of the internet”. You will be surprised to know that this is not an empty boast. According to Alexa, Reddit happens to be 6th in the list of highly popular sites in the US. It is also the 18th in the entire world. This has probably made you rather inquisitive about the site. Reddit is basically a humongous collection of forums where online visitors or members of the site are allowed to share content and news or even comment on posts made by others.

If you ever visit Reddit for the very first time, you can easily feel utterly confused at the sight of the website. The front page of the website, or the homepage as you commonly know it, shows you the different posts that are presently trending on Reddit itself. These are basically pulled from a large variety of subreddits. It is very simple to sort through these posts by just clicking one of the several icons located on the ribbon menu that is situated underneath the Create Post text box. You can sort the posts according to Hot, Best, Rising, Top, and New.


If you want, you can also create a subreddit for a topic of your choice. This can only be possible if you are able to meet certain criteria. Firstly, you need to have your own Reddit account. Secondly, the account should be a minimum of 30 days old. Lastly, the account should be relatively active and should have successfully earned a least number of “karma” points as a result of that specific activity. It is good for you to note that the required number of “karma” points is not that high. Nonetheless, this number is only known to Reddit.

Moderators and Admins

You should know that subreddits are normally managed by moderators or volunteers who can easily edit the appearance of a specific subreddit and inform you about the type of content that will be allowed in the subreddit. They can also get rid of some posts or content or even ban a user from the subreddit. There are several admins who govern Reddit as a whole. There are some employees of Reddit with great power across the entire site who also govern Reddit. They can easily strip moderators of their various privileges and also ban all the subreddits from the whole site.

Other Features

Ottawa Reddit Premium, which was previously known as Reddit Gold, is a premium membership of the site that lets members view the entire site without being bothered by ads. If any other premium member values your posts or comments, you may be gifted with coins. Normally content of high-value and humorous are valued by others on Reddit. The Reddit Premium does unlock multiple features for its members that are not available for regular users. These include comment highlighting, personalized Snoo, and exclusive subreddits. It was during the year 2018 that Reddit Gold was renamed as Reddit Premium. Apart from gold coins, users can also gift you with platinum and silver coins to different other users as rewards for high quality content.

On Reddit, users also commemorate their own “cake day” once every year. This is celebrated on the day their account on Reddit was created. Cake days adds a special icon of a small piece of cake next to the name of the user and it remains there for 24 hours. In the year 2017, Reddit came up with its own real-time chat system for its website.

Although some well-established subreddits have used a third-party software to chat with other users, Reddit’s own chat system is here and the site hopes that it will soon become an integral part of the entire site. During the same year, individual chat rooms were rolled out. The following year, community chat rooms were introduced for members of a specific subreddit.

Technology and Design

Originally, Reddit was written in Common Lisp. However, it was re-written in Python in the month of December, 2005. This enabled a wider access to various code libraries and provided a greater development flexibility. From the year 2008 to 2017, Reddit was an open source project. During the time, all the libraries and codes written for the site were freely available on GitHub. However, the cheating or anti-spam portions were made as exceptions to this rule.

On the 10th of November, 2009, Reddit decided to decommission its own servers and migrate to Amazon Web Services. They use PostgreSQL as the main data store for their site and is gradually said to move to Apache Cassandra, which is a column-oriented data store. It also uses RabbitMQ for all types of offline processing along with HAProxy for memcached and load balancing for caching.

There are several websites on the internet that may be quite similar to Reddit. However, very few of them will be as popular as Reddit amongst its users. If you have an account on Reddit, you will understand the reason behind its growing popularity all over the globe.

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