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Ottawa Humane Society

Ottawa Humane Society Dog & Cat Rescue & Adoption Center Ontario

Humane Societies have been around for ages, and they’ve been around to protect others from stray animals, pets, as well as rescue animals from homes where they were abused, neglected, or treated poorly. Ottawa, ON has one such famous humane society that came into place back in 1988 to help protect the animals, as well as make children’s lives easier by offering lower-priced pets. Some may be mutts, but there have been plenty of purebred dogs that arrive at animal shelters as well. While there are some for-profit organizations out there, the humane society in Ottawa is a legitimate non-profit organization, with every bit of their earnings going straight back into the business to help better supply the shelter for things they need to take care of their animals. In this article, we’re going to give you some info on the Ottawa Humane Society, and maybe a little bit of what we think is a great backstory.

Founding of Humane to Animal Practices

Back in the late 1880’s a group of women created the Women’s Humane Society in Ottawa, and they evolved into the other sections that they still have to this day. They went through numerous name changes, and eventually just stuck with the Ottawa Humane Society. They specialized in enforcing laws against animal cruelty, as well as both animal and human welfare concerns. They don’t restrict or reject any type of animal brought there, no matter what type of animal it is, their age, temperament, and while they have had to euthanize some animals, the only way they do this is if the pet is not adoptable or healthy, so they have to “put it down” to therefore ease its pain and save its life. However, they fully support the animals and choose not to euthanize animals based solely on whether the animal is adoptable and in good condition. 

Do They Get Purebreds?

The Ottawa humane society has a special feature to see all animals available for adoption at their website, which includes dogs and cats on their website. By doing this, you can see exactly what type of dog or cat they have at any given time, allowing you to even find purebreds, and hybrid animals. They currently even have a section that allows you to get rabbits, and even birds that are frequently brought in (songbirds are generally one type purebred because of natural selection unlike dogs and cats). 

How Do I Adopt a Pet?

You simply have to go in, select the animal you want in your own little meet and greet, and then choose to dog, cat, or other animal and you’re ready for the paperwork. They have set prices for adopting all of their animals, and it goes to show that their prices are there to better help the locations, as well as their other charities. For example, for seniors, they have a matching program that helps older people after they submit a questionnaire, and then the counselors will find a matching pet. The senior will meet their cat and decide if that’s the cat they want. Most often, this greatly helps seniors just as much as it helps the cats, so they can have the company and attention that they are needing. 

Another program they have is called the Working Whiskers Cat Program. This is for farmers and other people who own plots of land, and more that can live as healthy, rodent and pest-controlling cats, while at the same time helping to give the cat a safe home to live in. Many times, this is successful and it’s a great way to “hire” your favorite mouser simply by giving it some food, love, and sometimes attention (almost all cats can warm up to people over time), plus giving the cat the ability to be put to “work” so you don’t have to do things like call exterminators. Cats are natural predators, so this is a great way to help the cat population if you’re in an area you can support them in.

Multiple Locations Available

In Ottawa, rather than just having one central localized adoption center, the Ottawa Humane Society has numerous partnerships with pet stores, as well as local franchise stores to help better the animals’ chances of being adopted, plus, since many of the locations are veterinarians, you can rest assured knowing the animal was well taken care of before it ever reached your home and got any medical treatment that it needed when it was brought in.

Adoption Counseling and Tips

One great thing that the Ottawa Humane Society has to offer is a quality section for tips on raising various types of animals. This section of their website, (and any questions can be asked while you’re in to look at a pet as well) as well as their subcategories for types of pets is dedicated to teaching you things like how to routinely clean, habitat assistance (helping to make sure the pet’s habitat is safe and comfortable for them), and even guides to feeding your newfound pet.

Fun-Filled Events!

The Ottawa Humane Society is also active with the community by hosting a great variety of events in the area. This helps almost ten thousand animals each year with things like the OHS Calendar Contest (featuring your pet in the yearly OHS Calendar where people can donate and vote system to help the OHS raise the money they need to donate to their local charities, as well as help the pets that they take care of with food, shelter costs, utility costs, and more.


In Ottawa you can find a pet at many of the local “pet stores”, and most of the time, the Ottawa Humane Society is behind their rescue depending on the animal type. If you’re looking for a loved dog or cat, you can also look into the fact that many animals are euthanized each year when they turn stray, but in Ottawa, the Humane Society has a no-kill policy that helps to get rid of many of the stray animals and find them successful homes rather than putting them to sleep for the long haul, which happens at many other humane societies.

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