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Ottawa Fury Football Club FC

Ottawa Fury Soccer – Schedule, Team, Roster, Tickets, News & More

Ottawa Fury Football Club is one of the biggest soccer teams in Canada, and they’re a professional soccer team straight out of Ottawa. You see, there is more than one type of football in Canada. For Americans, football stands for the National Football League and the sport which involves the leather ball to be thrown around, however all over the rest of the world, football is actually just another name for soccer, hence the name foot (because you kick the ball with your feet) and ball (the soccer ball itself). While they do have their own professional Canadian Football similar to the NFL as well, most of the time when someone says football, they’re referring to soccer. In this post, we’re going to tell you about this team, as they’re in a brand new season every spring so you may want to watch the intense sport known as “football”. You won’t be disappointed.

When the Team Was Founded

In the summer of 2011, Ottawa won the ability to have their own soccer team added to the North American Soccer League franchise. Therefore, they joined the league in 2014 once their field at Landsowne Park was finished being constructed. They ran a campaign so people could vote for the name and more than four thousand people joined in the fray. The president of the Football Club, John Pugh, told the public and press that after careful consideration and numerous votes, Ottawa Fury FC (football club) ended up being the team’s name by popular vote.

They hired Marc Dos Santos as their original coach in May of 2013. Shortly after that, they released to the public what their logo was going to look like to a select crowd of people (primarily people who already bought season tickets and their support groups). They were getting closer and closer to the official 2014, and as they approached the final months, they chose Martin Nash as their assistant coach, David Bellemare as the goal keeper coach, and also their technical director Philip Dos Santos.

Once They Were in the Leagues

In 2014-2016, Landsowne Park wasn’t completely ready yet, so for the 2014 North American Soccer League, they played their first team by signing a short-term agreement to play at Ottawa’s Keith Harris Stadium. They ended up being undefeated in the first five pre-season soccer matches, and then they lost their first game against the Fort Lauderdale Strikers which was their first actual competitive match. However, they proved their worth by finishing in sixth place by winning three of their total nine matches. They then moved into their own park just before the fall season and ended up losing their first match at their very own stadium against the New York Cosmos soccer team, and then losing for their first six matches, they finished the 2014 season in sixth place. This was very hard for Ottawa Fury, but nevertheless, they remained strong and new they could pull through. After all, the team itself was new as well.

Later on they added Darko Buser to the management so they could try to get ahead of the game. For the 2015 season because of their endeavors, they were able to pull ahead and ended up winning the preseason, then getting 9th place in the early 2015 spring season. They actually ended up being crowned the champions in 2015 by having 45 points from 20 of their games that year, and they were 6 points ahead of Minnesota United. They then beat the Minnesota soccer giants and ended up losing to the New York Cosmos in the finals.

Season of Change

In November that year (2015), Marc Dos Santos announced that he was going to step down, and ended up joining the ranks of Sporting Kansas City (Kansas City, Missouri’s North American soccer club that has been around since the mid 1990’s and ended up the winners of the MLS Cup in 2013). This seemed like a huge down set, but they ended up finding a replacement, Paul Dalglish. Shortly after that Buser stepped into Phil Dos Santos’ place as technical director as well. They had a third preseason undefeated and still only finished 9th place in the spring preseason with only 9 out of 30 points. They finished in the bottom of the fall 2016 tables and people were already talking that they were going to end up leaving the NASL.

In October of 2016, just as fans and numerous people predicted, the club announced they would join the United Soccer League (USL) for 2017. They had been losing an average of about two million dollars per year while operating under the NASL so they were ready for a change. They became affiliated with Montreal Impact later that winter, who had originally been affiliated with the FC Montreal team. After that, the club had a good enough season that they were eligible for the Canadian Soccer Championship.

The Year 2017

For the 2017 in the fall, Dalglish decided to step down and depart from Ottawa Fury. Their president told people and press that Dalglish had to leave due to personal reasons, and then two days later Dalglish left the club. One of the former players and the current assistant coach at the time, Julian de Guzman took over as the head coach for the remainder of that season as intended. This time they ended up placing 10th in their first United Soccer League campaign, which meant that they were only 6 points away from the playoffs. In December that year, they had Nikola Popovic come on board as the main coach, while De Guzman stepped to the side and remained the general manager of the team.

The 2018 Season

In the year 2018, rumors started flying all over that the Fury FC was going to join the Canadian Premier League in 2019. However, this was not true. In the fall of September of 2018, Mark Goudie, the CEO of the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group shut the rumors down and told the public that the team was remaining in the USL, as well as gave people the reason why they were staying there. He did tell the public that club does support the CPL’s beliefs that soccer should be expanded in Canada though. 

The Present Years

The year is now 2019, and the team is still picking up. It’s been a slow but progressive improvement constantly with the team having numerous setbacks, but despite this, the team itself has been pushing through. Through constant lineup changes, coach changes, and official issues that they’ve had, the team has been growing stronger and stronger when it comes to their official league changes having an impact on their record. Their roster for the 2019 season is as follows:

  • Goalies –
  • Callum Irving
  • David Monsalve
  • Jordan Tisseur
  • Defense – 
  • Nana Attakora
  • Onua Obasi
  • Carl Haworth
  • Maxim Tissot
  • Jamar Dixon
  • Jadon Vilfort
  • Thomas Meilleur-Giguere
  • Robert Boskovic
  • Dakota Barnathan
  • Midfield – 
  • Wal Fall
  • Chris Mannella
  • Jeremy Gagnon-Lapare
  • Charlie Ward
  • Thiago De Freitas
  • Amar Sejdic
  • Protais Mutambala
  • Luca Ricci
  • Forwards – 
  • Aidan Daniels
  • Kevin Oliveira
  • Mour Samb
  • Christiano Francois

Making a Community Difference

With their constantly growing team, not to mention their ability to start gaining national recognition as a new team in the area, the Ottawa Fury has begun also making new programs, such as Fury in Training (FIT) which is a professional led coaching team for youth groups of soccer to help spread soccer’s publicity as well. By signing up for the FIT program, not only do the children and youth learn how to play soccer, but they are also official Fury FC development programs and camps that can help aid your young one in a future possible goal of playing for the Fury FC later on, who knows?

The Fury FC also has opened up numerous programs for the communities around them by offering people to sign up for the Goals! School program, as well as Team UP! Which is a partnership with the area’s businesses and local schools to help provide tickets and help serve youth in the area with their partner – Kits Up Front.

Their Goals program helps to teach kids about healthy active living, helps your child build character, set proper goals, teaches how teamwork makes an impact and even has lessons that can support your child in anti-bullying practices.

Conclusion – Ottawa Fury

With so many things going on and picking up for the team, it’s no surprise that they’ve been having a slow go-ahead, while still being one of the major positive influences right out of Ottawa. Their social impact is one of the main reasons why they’re still in the USL, and it’s no wonder because they make a difference in so many people’s lives. If you’re wanting to get into the action, you should really go to their website, grab some tickets, go to some games, and see how the Fury holds their red and black torch for you, while you help hold it up for them!

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