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Ottawa Foodies

OttawaFoodies – Best Restaurants for a Foodie in Ottawa, ON

Ottawa Foodies is a body of food enthusiasts that come together to share information about the latest happenings in the food sector. This body is very concerned with the review of restaurants in Ottawa. And is open to foodies that are resistant in Ottawa.

You do not have to be an expert at matters concerning food to be a part of this body. If you love to have conversations alongside great meals, you are qualified to be a part of this body. 

A lot of people that are a part of this body are adventurous chefs that have taken it upon themselves to startup new restaurants. These restaurants that are opened every now and then feature a great environment where virtually everyone can eat or hangout.

Best Places to Eat in Ottawa


This is a place you should visit if what you want is an espresso beverage that is very satisfying and also strong. The beverages gotten at this restaurant can help you get through business meetings that you consider to be boring. At Bridgehead, you are guaranteed to get a drink that will help quench your craving for caffeine. Beyond just drinking an espresso beverage, you can pair your beverage with pastry.


If you are up for a patio eatery, you can trust Social to help you with that. Featured on social are different menus that are just suitable for various diets, a very long wine list, and tasty desserts. At Social, you can have various types of occasions. Whatever your choice of the occasion, Social is one restaurant that you can trust. That’s not all. This restaurant has a dining room that is ideal for Friday night dinner events.


This is located just in Byward Market. Due to its position, it is a great place to rest a little after getting tired from a tour. While resting, as a staple in Canada, Beavertail is enjoyed by lots of people in Ottawa and features the flattened doughnut which has a beaver tail’s shape. It is also wrapped in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. If you are not comfortable with this flavor, you can decide to try out another flavor.

The Scone Witch

Although this restaurant has a very funny or perhaps scary name, it is considered a staple in Ottawa. It is one place where you are certain to get great lunch and breakfast. In addition to being a place for some great breakfast and lunch, visitors to this restaurant can choose from a good number of savory and sweet scones. This is not all about this restaurant. At The Scone Witch, visitors can also enjoy great coffee as well as other espresso drinks.

The Lord Elgin

The Lord Elgin is a classy hotel in the heart of Ottawa. It is one of the best lunch spots for people that are resident in Ottawa. Although generally known as a luxury hotel, there is more to The Lord Elgin. At this restaurant, you can get an amazing wine list. Also, it has a service that you are certainly not going to forget.

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