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Ottawa Flying Club

Ottawa Flight Club – Ontario Flying School

Established in 1928, the Ottawa Flying Club, also known as OFC is an establishment saddled with the task of establishing aviation in Canada. It does this by ensuring the right level of support for aviation in Canada, as well as by ensuring the right type of flight training. Ottawa Flying Club has been in existence for about 91 years and has lived up to expectation. Over the years, it has successfully trained lots of pilots, running into thousands. In addition to training a good number of pilots, this flying club has also gone to the extent of providing a thriving environment for its members, as well as its students.

Members of the Ottawa Flying Club have easy access to the Ottawa International Airport, as well as access to the many aircraft owned by this club. Although this access is at a cost, this price to be paid is very affordable. Although this is an amazing thing. The Ottawa Flying Club does a lot more. It provides a link between individuals that enjoy flying and aircraft.

The first task that every member of this flying club has to carry out is learning to fly. This is quite obvious and expected as the Ottawa Flying Club is a club for flying. There is always a first time for everything in this club. Time for a first flight, a time for a first solo flight, a time for the first flight across a country, etc.

Since it got established, this flying club has successfully trained a lot of people. Many of these people have had illustrious careers in the aviation industry. Although flying is a thing of passion, it is a lot more than just passion. Professionalism and training are two key principles that have to be given a lot of attention in the aviation industry. This is one of the reasons safety is given a lot of attention in Ottawa Flying Club. In addition to just making students realize the importance of safety, students are taught to look through the environment for safety before going on to fly.

Ottawa flying club is not just open to members of the club. It is also open to people that are curious about flying, If you have a level of curiosity that pushes you to try out flying, you can do so at the Ottawa Flying Club. You can pay Ottawa Flying Club a visit to have a feel of what flight training is like. Furthermore, you can also get into some of the planes at this club just for a tour of the environment.

While it is possible to get into a plane at the club without being a member of this club, there are benefits reserved for just the members of the Ottawa Flying Club. Some of these benefits include unrestricted access to the fleet of aircraft at this club for renting. Furthermore, members of this club can be a part of the many cross country trips organized by this flying club.

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