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Ottawa Comic Con 2020

Ottawa Comic Con 2020

The Ottawa Comic-Con is a fan convention of economical proportions. It focuses on comics, everything sci-fi, anime and manga, as well as gaming and horror, and started in 2012 as a spinoff from the Montreal Comics Convention. This year in 2019, there were some very special guests out there, with autograph and meet & greet packages available. Some of them even made it to the main stage to talk about their experiences in acting for their famous shows, and updates on what they’re doing now.

Celebrity Guests were:

  • Tom Welling, famous for the show “Smallville” back in the 2000’s
  • Sean Astin from “Lord of the Rings”
  • Ron Perlman, from the original “Hellboy” movies
  • Roger Clark, from “Red Dead Redemption II”
  • Catherine Tate, famous for “Doctor Who”, “The Office”, and “The Catherine Tate Show”
  • Gina Torres, from “Firefly”, “The Matrix”, and “Suits”
  • Amy Jo Johnson, famous for being the Pink Ranger in “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers”
  • Pom Klementieff, from “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Avengers” movies.
  • Anthony Rapp, from “Star Trek: Discovery”, “Dazed and Confused”, and “Rent”
  • Tom Cavanagh, famous for “The Flash”, “Arrow”, and “Ed”
  • Anson Mount, from “Hell on Wheels”, “Star Trek: Discovery”, and “Inhumans”
  • Ethan Peck, from “Star Trek: Discovery”, “10 Things I Hate About You” and “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”
  • Mark Sheppard, known from “Battlestar Galactica”, “Supernatural”, and “The X-Files”
  • Wallace Shawn, from Rex from “Toy Story” movies, “The Princess Bride”, and “The Incredibles”
  • Kevin Conroy, the voice of “Batman” for the video-games and Animated series franchise

While this was the 2019 lineup, the convention has had numerous actors and actresses available to have meet and greets, autographs, as well as act as public speakers every year. In the short time that this event has been around, they’ve more than doubled their attendance, jumping from 22,000 their first year, to more than 40,000 every year since 2015, and offer numerous amenities during the convention, contests, video games concerts, photo ops, gaming lessons, and even cosplay lessons.

The many attractions that are offered also are various panels and workshops, as well as the dreamhack gaming zone, combat archery, games to go, casino gaming, Viking’s cosplay, and they even had the Storm Trooper logoed Capital City Garrison, and some famous vehicle showrooms with vehicles from Jurassic Park and Supernatural.


If you wanted to be completely nerded and geeked out, 2019 had numerous reasons why you should have gone, and unfortunately, if you’re reading this after May twelfth, you missed the spectacular event known as the Ottawa Comic Con. But don’t worry, because it will be here again next year, so maybe you will be able to get your pictures taken and experience some of the most fun sci-fi and comic-al experiences out there. If you aren’t originally in the Ottawa area during the convention or are traveling from afar, you can simply visit many numerous hotels that are near the convention so you don’t have to miss everything. Also, be sure to go to the exhibit hall, and be sure to read the rules regarding the various events like the masquerades. If you bring a broadsword, it can’t be real.

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