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Ottawa Champions Baseball

Ottawa Champions Baseball Team in Canadian American Association

In Ottawa, a baseball team came about as a member of the Canadian American Association of Pro Baseball in 2015. They were known as the Ottawa Champions Baseball Club, and they ended up achieving this after a 10-year lease to the Ottawa Baseball Stadium and becoming an official team. In 2014, the team had already ended up getting its name unveiled with their logo as well. Today, they’re one of the most popular teams in Canada that are completely league-less since the Can-Am League merged with the Frontier League. Unfortunately, the Frontier League currently doesn’t have a 2020 schedule for the Champions.

The Start of it All

The first manager for the Champions was announced in 2014 when Hal Lanier joined their roster. He was a well known MLB baseball player who was famous for leading the team of San Francisco Giants to a good career back in 1964. Being a historical figure, he also spent some good amount of time being a New York Yankee player towards the end of his long career. He also worked for the St. Louis Cardinals, and even helped them win the 1982 World Series, then moved on after losing the 1985 World Series against the Kansas City Royals. In 1986-1988, he ended up leading the Houston Astros and was named the NL Manager of the Year in 1986. Because of his managing experience for numerous teams, he was selected and drafted by the Champions who were more than eager to add him as a manager to the roster.

The 2016 Season

Even though their first game was played in 2015, they eventually made it to the playoffs only a year later. They ended up defeating the New Jersey Jackals and advanced to the Can-Am League Championship Round for the very first time ever. This was the first time a newer team had made it so quickly into the championships. The next thing they knew, they ended up capturing their first championship only a year after they got started as an official team. Eventually, they ended up bringing in their very first no-hitter in history for the team when their pitcher Phillipe Aumont threw a perfect game against the Dominican Republic National Baseball Team in 2017. With some of the top team rosters, they were able to become quickly one of the biggest teams that were on top of their game. Of course, it may appear that this all went to their head, as their 2017 games forward didn’t see them in the qualification roster for even the playoffs by the end of the seasons each year.

The Can-Am and Frontier League Merger

Unfortunately, when the Can Am League and Frontier League merged, they ended up pulling the Champions off of their rosters as a professional team and ended up not having them on the 2020 schedule. Of course, many teams were unable to get their game on this year due to the pandemic anyway. 

Either way, this means that the Ottawa Champions are now searching not only for a name back on the roster, but altogether, they’re in search of a brand new home field, and a new owner. Does this mean that it’s the end of the Ottawa Champions? Hopefully this isn’t the case, as it would be sad to see a great thing go. Either way though, there have been three local area investors that are willing to buy the Ottawa Champions, so that does show that there is promise.


In light of the recent pandemic, it appears that the once championship team is now off of the rosters. They had a rough, but speedy start, and then it appears that they have had a lot of hard times since they started, and to this day, it appears they’re struggling to be a solid Canadian American baseball team altogether. If the Frontier League will be kind enough to put them in place, we’re sure to see them again. Either way, it looks like they may end up being an independent team until then. This doesn’t stop them from being a team that’s high on the chances of finding a buyer – Miles Wolff is currently seeking as many deals as he can so he can sell the team to be included in the 2020 roster yet again.

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