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Novotel Ottawa

Novotel Hotel Ottawa Ontario – The Albion Rooms Dining

When you’re traveling to Ottawa, you may end up needing a place to stay, and if you’re not moving (or even if you are), you may need some room and board for a day or two while you get things taken care of. When you’re looking for a good hotel, you can count on a quality hotel to give you the best service in all of Ottawa, and yet still be able to give you that unbeatable price and service that you wouldn’t get anywhere else than the Le Moulin’ De Province. They have numerous amenities to meet whatever your needs are, and in this guide, we’ll tell you about it.

What Features Does Novotel Offer?

Other than their rooms of all levels, prices, and arrangements to suit your personal, leisurely, or business needs, Novotel also offers quality breakfast dining experience every morning that you can wake up to with your room in their beautiful nineteenth-century historic building. They’ve recently renovated it, so everything looks amazing, and is ten thousand times better than they did before. Every morning during your stay, you can choose the Albion buffet which is an all you can eat buffet as well as free coffee or tea, or you can pay for items individually (such as coffee, pluck teas, food items, cappuccino and espresso, etc.).

If you’re a business or corporation, they have a meeting package that involves company room rental, audio and video (via projector and Wi-Fi), as well as food and beverages available as well. You can literally get a meeting booked for your company and they have more than one meeting package. The first one, is a regular business meeting package that includes coffee and teas, morning and afternoon breaks with a sandwich lunch buffet, room rental, flip charts and markers available, internet service, bottled water, and the hotel provides office accessories (pens, paper, and candies). Their executive meeting package allows you to have a much larger corporate room for your meeting.

What are The Albion Rooms?

The Albion Rooms is the bar and grill with a wide variety of food available in a delectable style that allows you to get a mix of value for brunch, dinner, lunch and they have an extensive wine list that will make your water anytime you want to go there. Whether you’re going to enjoy some casual relaxation, or just to have a few drinks with a friend or loved one, you can go visit the rustic bar and grill that is similar to the style of the Albion Hotel that was famous in 1871 when it started.


Even though the Novotel chain is a four-star hotel chain that originated in Lille Lesquin, France, you can get five-star service that you could only get in Ottawa for a great price. Their parent Accor Hotels, making them an affordable midscale hotel that gives you some of the luxuries you can only achieve by renting a room at a 5-star hotel. Out of all of the popular bigger chains in Ottawa, staying at a Novotel Ottawa Hotel will give you the historic feel and enjoyment to help you relax and unwind to the fullest for whatever your desires.

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