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New Spider Man Movie Will Be Extremely Different Than Any Other

Tom Holland, the Spider Man star from the new movies points out that his third movie is completely unique to all of the rest of them. CombicBook.com reported that Holland spoke some about the new movie at the Keystone Comic Convention in Philadelphia last weekend, where he’s still stoked about playing the Spider Boy that people now love despite the rumors of Sony Entertainment pulling it out of ownership by Marvel Studios (owned by Disney), as with any future Spider Man films.

Holland stated that there wasn’t a definite end in sight when it came to him being Spider man. There is a new Spider Man 3, which is going to be completely different than any other. Of course, he didn’t leave any tips or spoilers to how the movie would be different, but he did point out that both companies added multiple contributions.

Mr. Holland, who got his actual start in the 2010 movie as the voice of Sho, in the UK version of The Secret World of Arrietty, and also the movie “The Impossible”, is grateful that Marvel came in and brought the star to light and helped him achieve his dreams. There’s no telling what the future holds for spider man, but he fully intends on playing Spider Man as long as possible. He believes that there will be even more ways to make the Spider Man franchise an ongoing thing, and that despite people freaking out because Marvel Studios would no longer be a part of making the films, although Sony always had the rights to use him in movies. It looks like a promising future ahead – we will definitely see.

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