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Météo Ottawa Média – Weather & Temperature Gatineau Ontario

In this article, we’re going to discuss some information about the specialty weather channel which is owned and operated by a company known as Pelmorex to serve the Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick areas, as well as being available by satellite television. We’re talking about Meteo Media, which is the French-language side of Canadian Category A weather channel. Both MeteoMedia and the Weather Network are broadcasted together 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are basically Canada’s very own version of the popular United States channel “The Weather Channel”. MeteoMedia has their own feed however for the Montreal area that isn’t synced with the TWN.

Who Owns the Channels?

Pelmorex is the original owner of both the MeteoMedia channel, and the Weather Network. They have a shared link to an Anik satellite and have computer-generated graphics for their forecasts while the video feed of the live forecaster can be on another. Every five minutes, the two feeds swap places so they can be broadcasted to the viewers. The company was originally partially owned by Landmark Communications and in 2008 when the Weather Channel was bought by NBCUniversal and Bain Capital, they included the stakes to MeteoMedia and the Weather Network. Comcast was the parent company that owned NBC Universal, and they sold their interest to Pelmorex in 2015, making the channels the ultimate owner of MeteoMedia in 2015. 

What Do You Get?

Similar to the Weather Channel, and other news and weather stations, depending on the current season, you get a set schedule of shows every hour on Meteo Ottawa. The show is divided into two schedules, Spring and Summer, then Fall and Winter. In the hourly feed, you get a bulletin repetitively that last three minutes and gives bulletins for current weather conditions, as well as weather conditions in other cities. You also get a daily weather forecast, 4 days, 7 days, and 14-day forecast as well. This comes on-screen about every ten minutes.

Meteo Active is a broadcast in which they give the current detailed weather across Quebec, as well as statewide weather for a five-day forecast. Every twelve minutes and 42 minutes past the hour, you get Nouvelles MeteoMedia, which is a broadcast segment that provides a weather summary forecast and environmental information.

Previsions Internationales is a broadcast that is at 47 minutes after every hour and at eight minutes after each hour overnight and sums up the weather in only about 90 seconds. At sixteen after each morning, you get current weather conditions and forecasts for your day to get your day started during your coffee time, and at forty-seven after every morning (every hour of course), you get weather conditions for the entire continent as well as major cities in Canada, America, and Europe that also tells you forecasts for the Caribbean area and all of Mexico. Probably one of their most unique statuses is that they give pollen forecasts, UV forecasts, and conditions for skiing as well.

The Addition of News and an active website

There are numerous news articles and reports that are listed and shown on the MeteoMedia website, just as The Weather Channel and AccuWeather have in the United States. These vary from topic to topic, but all of them are related to science, nature, and ultimately weather. They often have up to date forecasts that provide accurate details of all over regions. Note, if you’re not from Canada, all forecasts and temperatures are in metric measurements, which has been known to throw some people off if they don’t know that. They even have an active page that you can see new and recent content that offer a variety of weather-based issues, such as pollen coverage, Canada’s weather, behavior in animals and more. Many of these are short video clips and articles that are often random.

MeteoMedia on Social Media

It’s the dawn of the new era, and the popular MeteoMedia group joined the fray of social media. While they have some of the same content on their website that is posted on their Facebook page, they also have some content that is unique and unseen on their website, as well as provide more updates, behind the scenes footage and interviews, as well as desktop forecasts to give you a more relaxed view of the weather forecast that is pretty down to earth.

Insights on The Weather network

The Weather Network offers U.S. Coverage, as well as many of the same video feeds. They however have a different feed of videos and articles, and they’re specialized and formatted to be primarily in English instead of French. While you can use online tools such as Google Translate on MeteoMedia’s website, you don’t always get the same or correct grammar, so it’s better to visit the Weather network’s website for your English speaking needs. They do offer the same news and videos as well as offer all measurements to be in English standard units rather than being in Metric units.

Conclusion – Météo Ottawa

Many of the forecasts that are seen on both MeteoMedia and the Weather Network are pretty accurate, and while they are generally up to date, people often misunderestimate the fact that weather is completely unpredictable, and that Mother Nature sometimes has her own mind made up, or changes it quickly without warning. That being said, you can generally get accurate forecasts that are more recent, but just as with any other weather prediction site, you may have variances when it comes to looking days ahead, which is why you can’t go by everything on a weather website. They are pretty close though, and have had very little complaints when it comes to their weather forecasts. The fact that the weather prediction service for MeteoMedia and The Weather Network are in both French and English is a very important factor, because while there are a handful of French speaking Canadians, there are actually a lot less that don’t speak English, and contrary to some people’s beliefs, English is the primary language there.

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