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Have you ever looked for work clothes? If you have, most people think of work clothes as dress clothes or uniforms. But what about those who work general production jobs or other high labor jobs and just need some casual wear, it may be somewhat difficult to find high quality clothes that are meant to last. That’s where Mark’s Work Warehouse in Ottawa comes into play. Their job is to provide you with the clothes that you can only find there, which are made of the best materials, and the best brands as compared to the other discount stores in the area (like Wal-Mart, which are notorious for having clothes that aren’t made very well). So what is Mark’s? We’re going to tell you all about it here!

The History of Mark’s

The store is known as Mark’s & L’Equipeur, because in Quebec, it goes by the second name. However, the business started out in 1977 as a work warehouse when the company’s founder, Mark Blumes decided to open the warehouse in Alberta. He used to work as a retail exec for the Hudson’s Bay Company, and he wanted to open a store that gave people the clothing they need who were working hard jobs across Canada. The company grew quickly, and in time, some of the best brands and innovative products from footwear all the way to accessories were brought into the inventory. This helped the business grow even more over the years. Since 1977, Mark’s now has almost 400 stores throughout the entire country, and has a lot of ties to local communities and workplaces as a supplier for work apparel. They’re also a regular campaign supporter to Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart program to help kids get more involved into sports, and they’re a major supporter of the Canadian Football League.

What Do They Offer?

Whether you’re a man or woman, some of the top brands of work-related clothes from the top brands of all times. Some of the most popular brands on the market, such as Adidas, Carhartt, Caterpillar, Converse, DeWalt, CoolWorks Workwear, Harley Davidson, Gorilla Glue, Health Pro, and even special footwear brands like Reebok and Wolverine (made famous even in the 1980’s by none other than Jean Claude Van Damme himself in the 1994 hit film “Timecop”). No matter what brand that you’re looking for, you can count on the ones you choose to be some of the most durable workwear and footwear that you can get in the industry today.

Do They Cater to Certain Workers?

This is a good question, but the truth is – no matter what type of hard working job you could consider working in Canada, there’s a good chance that a Mark’s store can provide you with the clothing you need! While some stores only cater more towards construction and other industries, Mark’s is notorious for giving you all types of clothes that promote safety, wellness, and comfort while on the job. What’s the most important though, is that their inventory is available for a much more reasonable price than some of the major retailers out there!


If you’re looking for work clothes that can give you both the best in comfort, as well as the best in convenience and price, then you can count on Marks Work Warehouse Ottawa to provide you with the outfits or even accessories you may need. You can even purchase accessories there, such as work gloves, hats, bags and backpacks, and even wallets or ties (should you need a more formal wardrobe for your job). You can even get novelty items and items for your pets through Mark’s, which is something that many other stores can’t say for themselves as well when it comes to being a work-gear provider!

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