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Luminous Engine Offers Backstage Demo of Tech Features

One of the most well-known video game companies in the world Square Enix, who has their own studio called Luminous Productions, has stumbled on yet another tech wonder. They call it path-tracing technology, and they are using it as a part of their own graphics engine in the near future. 

The two-minute clip shows how an actor sits in a dark room putting on makeup, but in the background and also being rendered in real-time 3D high definition quality, the demo shows how it records shadow, movement, lighting, reflection, and even emotion captured on the model as it displays it all in real-time.

Basically, this can mean a lot when it comes to future games, and shows how ray tracing can actually bring a lot to the table to make games more realistic than ever before. Some of their recent work was for the game Final Fantasy XV (yes, there are that many of them).

The whole concept behind ray tracing is a way that creates more realistic effects to display the way light actually “bounces off of objects”, and in the tech world, Nvidia’s new RTX graphics card offer one of the first hardware graphics cards to render ray tracing in real-time itself rather than a post processing effect.

Even Minecraft has jumped on the fold introducing ray tracing into the newest version of the game, and the actual effect isn’t a new tactic, but it can genuinely make things more real. Some previous games that have had ray tracing and support it are Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, Minecraft, Quake II, Stay in the Light, and even Battlefield 5 to name a few.

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