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Lowes Ottawa

Ottawa Hunt Club Lowes Home Improvement Store – Hours, Location, Phone Number & More

Almost everyone in the world has heard of Lowe’s stores, as they dominate the world with home hardware supplies. They fall just shy of Home Depot when it comes to having the largest inventory and generating the most sales, and they make more than Menards, another popular American retailer of home hardware. They are the second-largest hardware in the world as well and have the option to allow you to shop in different countries based on what website you go to and the area of the world. Their main company is headquartered in North Carolina, and they are one of the leaders for home hardware in Canada too.

How Lowes Came to Be

Originally Lowe’s North Wilkesboro Hardware opened up in North Carolina by the owner Lucius Smith Lowe who founded the store in 1921. Later on in 1940, Lucius passed away, and his daughter Ruth sold the company to Lowe’s son Jim, who went ahead and took on the family business. In 1943 he partnered up with Carl Buchan and Buchan and Jim felt that there was going to be an increase in the home construction industry after world war two, so with him as the manager, he started buying more hardware and construction materials. Before that it was more of a mixed store of dry goods and groceries, pet supplies, horse feed, and more of a general store. After this large purchase of construction goods, they bought a building in Sparta, North Carolina.

Even though Low and Buchan different on how they should make the stores and the company to new locations, Buchan and Lowe parted ways with Buchan getting the hardware business while Jim Lowe took on other things that Buchan and he were in partnership with. This made Buchan the sole owner of Lowe’s. In 1954, the grocery store called “Lowe’s Foods” came about and went nowhere. Because of this Buchan started expanding the company as quickly as possible by opening up three other locations in North Carolina, and then even more throughout the rest of the 1950’s.

Fate struck Buchan however, and due to the stress of his hard work, Buchan passed away from a severe heart attack in 1961. This led to his executive team taking over the store. Two of which executives, Robert Strickland and Leonard Herring decided to expand even more and by the following year, they were operating in 21 different stores with annual profits of thirty-two million dollars. Approximately 18 years later because of this, they ended up joining the New York Stock Exchange, but this would take a while to rise for them since the 1980’s increasing market for their main competitor The Home Depot took place. They didn’t want to become a mega-store because that’s not how Lowe’s operated in the many locations that they were in. Eventually, they chose to become a big-box store, and are still to the present day one of the largest in the nation. There were still a few stores that were smaller in both North America and Canada over the years, and unfortunately they ended up closing approximately 51 stores in both countries combined (31 being in Canada).

In More Recent Years

After the 1980’s and 1990’s, Lowe’s started to do some heavy competing against The Home Depot, and thus they’ve expanded pretty well, and have branched out to Canada and Mexico. They specialize in an annual revenue in 2018 alone with one of their highest revenues yet capping out at over 68.619 billion dollars and they are continuously earning more and more each year since they became a larger store back in 2005. They also made the Fortune 500 list of one of the largest corporations by ranking number 40 on the list. In Canada, they ended up headquartering in Toronto, Ontario, and then later on in 2016 ended up moving to a new location in Boucherville, Quebec. 

Prize Awards

Most home hardware stores have earned awards and certificates, and Lowe’s doesn’t fall shy to become one of these primary competitors in the market. They ended up winning the Energy Star awards from 2003 to 2010 and they were also the first to win the prized Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award. They are also part of the green movement by ensuring that all of their wood products don’t come from the tropical rainforests. Unfortunately, they ended up getting in trouble because of a corrupt lumber seller known as Armstrong Flooring that ended up selling wood from Indonesia that was illegally mined. This caused a large problems and they ended up getting “in trouble” for this, the company’s merbau supplies have been found to not have been illegally logged. Therefore, Lowe’s continued to promise that all of their wood is legally harvested and none of their wood comes from unknown sources.

Opening Up Down Under

In 2016, Lowe’s ended up buying out shares of Woolworths Limited in order to help them compete against one of Australia’s big-box home department stores. After Lowe’s bought the 33.3 percent interest share, but due to the Australian venture, they ended up losing money in the investment, so they ended up pulling back out of the deal. Then in 2018 they saw the decline in sales on Mexico’s thirteen retail stores, and by April of 2019, they ended up publicly posting that they were deciding to shut down their retail locations in Mexico. They ended up terminating their operations on June 15th completely. Fortunately, though, they still do have stores in various locations, one of the best according to most customers in Ottawa.

Conclusion – Lowe’s Ottawa

While there may have been some boulders in the road to Lowe’s success, they’re still one of the largest retail chains and are well known all over the world, despite their failed partnerships and after cutting their losses, they’ve been able to still generate more than any other home hardware other than Home Depot. If you’re looking for low prices on your endeavors in the Ottawa area, you can find one of their stores (Lowes Ottawa) on Hunt Club Road, and they’re open from 6AM to 10PM on weekdays, with their weekend hours being 7AM to 9PM on Saturdays, and 8AM to 8PM on Sundays, making them the prime competitor even with hours they are open to the Home Depot stores as well. You can even shop online on their Canada website, just like you can in America.

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