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Leolist Ottawa

Leo List Ottawa Escorts

Seven years ago, Leolist was formed. It is a classified ad posting hub which gives safe and reliable online platform to people and businesses who want to post ads on the hub as clients and advertisers.  In Vancouver it is marketed as the largest classified site which has various options for posting advertisement. It is a legal site but make sure you use it only for purpose of advertisements. You cannot sell or buy sexual service here. According to Canadian law any person found communicating for sexual favor’s in a public place is punishable. Hence it is illegal to advertise on Leolist.

Owner of Leolist

Hong Kong company Unicorn Media Inc owns and operates Leolist Ottawa.   

Leolist Security 

There are many other advertisement platforms where consumers are fooled by scams, illusions and illegal activities. Leolist as everyone knows is the classified online advertisements platform as well but it is a protected and safe platform. Unlike the others Leolist also has a set of tools which give them some authority over consumers and the advertisements which are posted on their platform. They are in constant touch with their advertising community through feedback. Leolist Ottawa works on the feedback provided by the community and improves the advertising platform continuously.

Difference in The Experience

Leolist is a platform where you can post your ads. It helps your small business to grow by posting ads according to your requirements. They customize and personalize the ads in such a way that you feel totally satisfied with the results. They cater to multiple category such as personal ads, property listings, posting for job recruitments. Leolist creates a safe place for you to interact with other consumers and they make sure that they minimize the chances of false ads, scams and provide an experience which is pleasant for you.

At Leolist the customers safety is the priority because it instates the customers confidence when they post the ads with them. The online team of Leolist Ottawa ensures the consumers that they have added necessary tools to enhance the consumer experience. The team ensure that the tools will help the consumer enjoy posting ads online and it will be a satisfying experience for them. As Leolist works on the feedback of the consumers it has become the most famous platform for posting classified ads online. Listed below are some points which you might find different in Leolist than the other online platforms:

Process of Verification

Leolist strictly works on the feedback from the consumers, the online team at Leolist Ottawa has instated a verification process which is very effective. This ensures that there are no fraud ads online and has instill the confidence of the consumer in the platform. It benefits the consumer a lot as they can trust the ads which they see online. Consumers get to view the actual product of what is been offered in the ad because it is a necessary step while the team verify the ad. A minimum of five pictures are required to be uploaded so that the verification team can understand that it is not a stolen photo. All the images should include different position of the product which are full size so that the whole product is visible in it. Only when an account is thoroughly tested, they are asked to make the photos available online. The verified consumers as a reward are offered reduced rate in the ads than the ones which are not verified.

Ad Position

Many consumers do get the option of an advertising upgrade on Leolist. This ensures that the consumers get their ad on the first page by paying a fee. The platform also sends you email alert when the ad on the first page is pushed to the next page. The verification is important for the consumer and the companies. So, they provide a stamp of authenticity which helps in a interaction which is smoother as the ad has now become a verified one.

Online Directory

The Leolist team has stocked a list of verified photos during the verification process and this can be accessed by everyone. Thus, it provides additional security to the consumers of Leolist. The directory allows easy and free access to photos of the product which are of verified consumers.  Among other benefits Leolist have also added an internal messaging system which allows the owner of the ads and the clients can interact with each other and discuss the terms of the sale of the product.

Statistical Information

Leolist does analyze the information of its users which are using the platform thus providing more trust as it promotes transparency.

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