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Lee Valley Tools Ottawa

Canadian Gardening & Woodworking Hardware Company Lee Valley Tools

1978 saw the founding of Lee Valley Woods limited by Leonard Lee, a talented craftsman who wanted to share his gift with the world. Lee Valley Woods is a privately-owned Canadian company which specializes in tools for both woodworking and gardening. The company was first founded in Ottawa, Canada but now boasts over twenty locations.  These are stores that are solely devoted to catering for all who love gardening, furniture building workers, and even those who are just looking to gift a loved one.

Leonard Lee was born in rural Saskatchewan during the great depression, which was a severe economic depression that took place all over the world during the 1930s. Born and raised in a log cabin, running water and electricity was not a luxury Lee’s family could afford. Farmers at the time would lend each other a hand when it came to planting, weeding and harvesting. Lee’s humble background greatly influenced his business and life decisions.  Later on, frustrated by the bureaucratic nature of the government, this Queen’s University economics degree holder left his 14-year-old job to establish his own company. He embedded that cooperative nature he learned growing up into his company right from the time he founded it.

Lee Valley Tools earned a feature in Forbes Magazine in the Best Employers of 2018 column. “Your services are no longer needed” is a term known not in Lee Valley Woods. Mr. Lee confidently stated in an interview at his office at the company’s Ontario headquarters that his company has had no layoffs from the time it was founded to date. His business philosophy truly reflects his humble background as he knows what it feels like to lack.

With the gap between the middle class and the rich significantly widening, this company has maintained its corporate culture, which is unheard of in other companies. The highest paid worker in Lee Valley Woods never earns more ten times more than the least paid. Mr. Lee has ensured that a quarter of all the pretax in his company are equally shared to all its stuff. How does it sound to garner an equal amount of profits as your CEO?  Crazy right? In addition to that, no executives in this company take home any bonuses whatsoever!

How does this even happen? Unlike public companies that have targets to meet and shareholders, investors and analysts creating pressure left, right and center, Lee Valley Woods is a family-based company. Are there any benefits the company stands to gain from such a policy? Lee found that this approach made his workers exceedingly loyal to their work. With bigger smiles, productivity cannot be compromised, quite a strategy! Even in difficult times, his workers were more cooperative in reducing costs to keep the company running.

For Lee, a good heart was better than a fancy degree and made up resumes to impress an interview panel. Therefore, the qualification he sought most while bringing workers on board was a good work ethic and ability to learn. He had this belief that if one was willing to learn and had good judgment, they could do anything.

While a CEO based in a large company in the united states earns a whopping 354 times more than the lowest paid worker, Lee who is the chairman of his company makes less than 200,000 dollars in a whole year. With that background short background story on this great company, let us dive right in and find out more of the business aspect of the company.

Lee Valley Woods has risen from a mail order business whose work of the day was distributing stove kits, to a large firm that is proud to be making over one million dollars in the annual sales. Our company offers woodworking tools of the highest quality in the market. Talk about woodturning, wood finishing, sharpening, wood carving we got it all here for you, not forgetting gardening tools. Here at Lee Valley Wood, we design about a third of all the sales we make, Veritas tools making a significant percentage of these products. The company boasts of producing an unapologetic 800 types of tools! Our company makes exports twenty countries from all continents. Hundreds of workers can put food on the table for their families everyday courtesy of Lee Valley Woods.

Our company is more of a friend than a business. We’ve got your back! We offer customer services that you will not find anywhere. We do not use commission policy. Our workers are, therefore, under no pressure whatsoever to make target sales. We will guide you through as per your desire, and when you are making the wrong decision, trust us to point it out without fear or favor.

Our product description in Lee Valley Wood is more than just sales puff. We are guided by integrity which is one of our core values. We describe our products with utmost honesty of what we believe they are. We are not just looking to put money in our pockets but also to satisfy you.  We guarantee that what you see is what you get!

Lee Valley Wood has a three months’ return policy. When you buy a product from us you can at any time in 90 days return it if it does not satisfy your needs. To err is human, if the product is with any defects, we are ready and willing to accept it. All this is with no costs on the customer at all. We cater for shipment and all parcel costs incurred shall be refunded.

We have employed several people to look into your concerns. We listen, we act and we deliver. If you have any concerns about our products, positive or negative criticism, you can easily reach us any time. Under our umbrella is an able team of eleven development professionals and 130 in the manufacturing department.

Whether you have newly discovered your passion for gardening or are looking for tools to enhance your talented furniture making job, Lee Valley Wood is the answer. We guarantee you nothing but utmost satisfaction. Grab yourself a Lee Valley Wood tool today, and we promise you will never look back!

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