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LCBO Ottawa

LCBO Ottawa, ON Hours & Locations

In Ontario, there is actually a crown corporation that controls the distribution, ownership, and ability to buy and sell alcoholic beverages in Canada, and in Ottawa, the heart of Ontario, there are more people able to buy and sell, therefore, the crown company we’re talking about are the only retail outlets that are allowed to sell any form of alcoholic beverage. The company is called the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, and the only exception to this alcohol-selling rule is a company allowed to sell beer called “The Beer Store”.

These outlets are located at wineries, breweries, and distilleries, and there are some retail wine shops within grocery stores. They can also sell wine, spirits, and beer in grocery aisles, but generally, you’ll see them in their own little shops inside of stores to ensure that they are able to better monitor and keep less underage drinkers from buying or selling alcohol or even consuming it. 

What Does the LCBO Do?

In 1927 when prohibition of alcohol ended (prohibition for Canada started in 1916, which excluded the purchasing, sale, and consumption of alcoholic beverages altogether), the government came up with the Liquor Control Act so they could control alcohol use. When they did this, they designated a retail chain to be able to sell beer and then created the LCBO outlets in which wine, hard liquor, and even beer was sold. Some wineries were selected to allow sales from their own stores, but there weren’t very many that were allowed to do this.

Decades later in the 1990’s the LCBO Ottawa gave an all-new branding to their store and wrote a more graphical logo with liquor store on the label, and got rid of the Coat of Arms symbol to make it look less “governed”. They now are all self-serve alcohol stores and since the 1970’s they no longer had to have a clerk actually select and give them alcohol as they did in the past. Not only that, by the year 2000, most of the stores had done a full remodel, and therefore they were able to provide and house a much larger collection and selection of alcoholic beverages. A lot of stores have some very rare finds where vintage alcohol beverages can be found.

Online Shopping at the LCBO

In recent years, with the emergence of shopping online becoming more popular, the LCBO allows customers to view all of their products online in an online store setting that allows you to find stores which sell it if home delivery or delivery to a store is not available. By offering this, you can see a handful of select wines, spirits, liquors, and brews that are only available by the LCBO, and some of them are high-quality imports.


While some people have complained in the past about the LCBO regulating everything, it has definitely done its part by making Canada a lot safer, as well as helped Canada to keep underage drinking and abuse of alcohol a little more under tabs (yes, the pun was intended).

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