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La Maison Simons Ottawa

Simons Fashion Store in Rideau Ottawa

The store that is most often called Simons in Ottawa, is a retail store that sells fashion clothing. It’s currently headquartered in Quebec, and is actually a very popular store that has been around for more than a century (almost two). Today, we’re going to cover just what La Maison Simons Ottawa is all about, and give you some historical information that a lot of people have never realized about the department store today. It’s amazing to think that a simple fashion retail store could grow to the size it has today. They’ve even grown to provide online options for their customers during these tough times with the pandemic!

A Bit of History

Simons came about in 1840. When the son of Scottish immigrants, John Simons, wanted to open a regular dry goods grocery store in Quebec. He did everything he could to make sure that all merchandise that he acquired and sold was the highest quality possible, and eventually once he was older (at 30 years of age), he decided to move his shop. The store is still there in Old Quebec to this day. When WWII allowed him to sell more things and have more customers, his store started to grow. Gordon Donald Simons ended up bringing the store to a new level, and turned it from a regular dry goods store to a full-blown department store. By the 1960’s, it ended up housing more brands for adult men and women. Eventually, they began to incorporate children’s brands as well, and eventually opened new stores by 1999. In Montreal and even Sherbrooke. A few years later, Laval got a new store, and there are more than 15 stores throughout Canada to this day. They’ve even gone global with their business offices and have branched out to the UK, France, and even China.

Designer Clothing Galore

One thing that they provide of course is clothing made by some of the world’s top fashion designers. From Vivienne Westwood all the way to LECAVALIER for women, and popular brands for men such as Hugo Boss, Versace Jeans, and even Rick Owens for men. They offer plenty of sizes available, and literally have everything that you can buy from clothing, shoes, accessories, and even active wear (like coats, tops, and even bottoms). For men, they offer plenty of goods outside of clothing as well, from accessories (including designer cloth face masks to assist with COVID-19), and even have grooming supplies such as shaving kits, and even beard care. Beard care is sometimes hard to come by, so the fact that they cater to every man is a pretty unique thing to consider.

Green Space

They are one of the leaders in the Green industry in Canada when it comes to sustainable fashion. This means that they have used numerous environmental and social processes to offer clothing made of recycled materials, as well as organic cotton and help to provide relief from carbon emissions and ocean safety. Many of their clothes are made right here in the heart of Canada itself, and they are continuously working to improve their standards so they can provide the best products, with the lowest environmental impact possible. 

Home Goods

Aside from providing some of the leading names in fashion, you can even get home décor galore that can provide an exquisite and luxurious look to for your family. They even sell furniture and art, and even custom lighting, comforters and furniture covers to provide the ultimate experience in everything that fashion entails. Their unique vision of Fabrique1840 provides some quality accessories, jewelry, kitchen, kids items (such as toys, body care, and decorations) and much more. They even have vintage furniture and items such as baskets, stationary, and games galore that are fun for the whole family.


For everything you need that fashion entails, from home goods, all the way to actual clothing, Simons is the one store that you can count on to provide the best of the best in the entire country, as well as worldwide. They have nothing that isn’t authentic, and you can get a great taste of everything that a quality designer store should have to offer. Their prices also aren’t that expensive compared to other top of the line designer stores out there – that says a lot when it comes to the fact that they’ve been able to turn a small mom and pop shop into something more. For all of your fashion needs, you can go to Simons and get a truly unique experience and tailor your look to however you want, and you become part of the family!

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