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Things to Know About Kontinuum Ottawa

Kontinuum Light Show Ottawa – Info & Tickets

When it comes to light shows, there are many out there that have unprecedented talents. However, sometimes it really depends on what you’re wanting to experience. Many people know of the Blue Man Group, and Light Balance from famous shows like America’s Got Talent, and more. However right here in Ottawa, you can view an amazing light show that you can only see in the area, and it’s totally techy as well as brings a light show beyond your average multimedia experience. In this guide, we’re going to tell you five things you may want to know about the event known as Kontinuum (pronounced like continuum). 

Awesome DJ’s

The DJ’s like Vincent Letellier, with lighting designed by Ian MacDonald. Sakchin Bessete graduated from the local Lowertown’s De La Salle senior high school years ago.

Different Vibe

The creators of the light show wanted Kontinuum to be unique. Most light shows have a traditional laser light integration, and they wanted to be different. Using multimedia and more, they wanted to get even the tech savvy crowd something unique to turn to for a live event.

You don’t have to pay for tickets!

That’s right, they wanted to make the tickets completely free. Just reserve the time you want to join the light show. They have 70,000 tickets available.

Moments Factory is Involved

One of the most popular multimedia studios in the area decided to join after they saw Kontinuum’s light production back in 2012 in Barcelona.

You can Be a Hologram!

Using some awesome technical features, you can actually have your body safely scanned and turned into a hologram using your body’s frequencies and the screen in the theatre can actually display your hologram. You can also use the Ottawa 2017 app to download your hologram, and you can even purchase a pyramid that shows your hologram for a totally true psychedelic experience. If you were one of the Star Wars fans that saw the movies, you’ll be able to recognize the hologram like R2D2’s hologram that Princess Leia projected.

A Truly Bilingual Experience

With the possibility for visitors to walk in at about 70 people at once, you can literally walk through the entire light show like a museum and the entire experience can be bilingual. They’re going to even open up the entire experience will be wheelchair accessible. That is awesome, considering that there are a lot of disabled people that love attending these events and don’t always get a chance to. They do specially note that small children and toddlers may need to stay at the babysitter’s, and also if you have epilepsy, they do warn you that there are strobe lights, fog effects, and loud sounds. If you’re claustrophobic also, you might not want to go.

Conclusion – Kontinuum Ottawa Canada

Why wouldn’t you want to check out such an awesome event like Kontinuum’s extravagant light show? It’s like Pink Floyd meets techno, meets dubstep, meets an art museum, meets a literal light zoo. Something like this is one of a kind, and you should definitely check out this unique work of art that can only be found right here in Ottawa.

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