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Kinesics Communication Definition & Meaning

Kinesics Nonverbal Communication: Definition, Meaning & Examples

Kinesic communication is something that you may hear of if you’re a business professional. People often think of it as kinetic communication, but this is actually not the correct term. The term is Kinesic, which is another technical term for body language. In this article we’re going to get more in depth on this subject, the definition of body language, and what it means, as well as how it’s necessary when it comes to building interpersonal and even business relationships. With today’s technology, sometimes even text can lack physical body language, but “emoting” the body language can actually help make it a more personable conversation, like using “lol”, and many other forms of body language. The most successful though is actual communication. Even on the phone you can use kinesic communication, even though it’s perceived and heard by auditory means.

Communication by Signing

Of course signing is another form of another silent language, but believe it or not, you can literally consider kinesic communication to be communicating by body movement as well, but it’s more basically a way to see emotions, and that being said, it’s one of the most visible ways to acknowledge emotion. For example, you walk by someone and they point a “fake” finger gun at their head, you know they’re probably having a bad day and don’t want to be there. At the same time, it’s very important to use bodily communication with things other than just hand gestures. Sitting posture is another form of kinesic communication, and can literally show how interested in the conversation, or even the material you may be listening to is.

Facial Expressions

Facial Expression is something too that people consider to be a form or body language. Rolling your eyes for example, instills that the person who does it is doubting what you’re saying if you’re the one having a conversation. Otherwise, it could be that if they roll your eyes and let you see it while someone else is presenting a conversation, they’re letting you know that they’re not interested in that conversation and are annoyed by it. 

A Little Bit of History

A long time ago, there was an anthropologist known as Ray Birdwhistell who didn’t use the term body language as we know of it today. Therefore, he named it kinesics, as it had to do with facial expressions, gestures, posture, bodily movements, and all other forms of silent communication. He discovered that people showed means of communication and showing emotions just by how they utilized body movements into their conversations. He believed that this should be a real language, because depending on the same topic, even spoken words would have different contextual meanings, just like own words do when they’re said with different forms of body language. You can scream “Why did you do that?” and keep your arms in your pockets…. Do you feel like someone’s angry and upset? Maybe they’re just a loud person. But if you start waving your arms and flailing them around when you ask that same question loudly, it makes it clear that you’re asking that because you’re irate and very angry.

The Most Common Practice of Kinesis

Kinesis, or the study of body language, is actually something that most business professionals learn about early on. This is especially true when it comes to supervisors, hiring managers, and other higher up professional areas. The reason? They need to know that the people they’re hiring actually care about, want the job, and even just need to understand it so they know that just because their employee throws his hands up, he’s not wanting to quit his job, he’s just trying to figure out what the heck is going on. 

At the same time, practicing and having knowledge of kinesis in order to properly interview candidates for hire. They can see how interested in the position after carefully studying their behavior someone is, or even whether they’re faking it or are too motivated (believe it or not, being too confident and motivated is something that either shows you’re faking wanting a job for that company, although sometimes it can cause intimidation of a supervisor because it may show that you have the motivation and self-drive that they had in order to get their position in the first place, which can pose a threat to them in various means, or show them that you’re not serious about following their rules and regulations from start to finish).

Police Officers Use Kinesic Communication

When it comes to interrogation and interviewing (questioning) suspects, police officers have to study and learn how kinesic communication can affect the integrity of the person being interviewed. If they look to a certain direction rather than making direct eye contact can mean that they’re lying, as well as other things they look for, like looking down, which often means that they’re feeling emotions of guilt or lack of confidence. Certain red flags are confession behaviors that they look for.

What about Kinesics Between Customers?

It’s important in a sense when it comes to conflict management training for even retail employees to learn a little bit of kinesic communication techniques when dealing with customers. This helps them realize if there’s a threat and they need to get their manager, as well as how to handle irate customers themselves if they don’t need to get their supervisor correctly and calm the angry customer down.

Conclusion: Kinesics at Home

Even personal relationships are affected by kinesic communication. No, we’re not talking about a middle finger, but even children and loved ones act certain ways when they are trying to tell you something, admit to something done wrong, or more. Not only that, but just in everyday conversation we actually use body language, and there’s no chance of it going away. It’s human nature. Even wild animals primarily use body language as a means of communicating, which affect their display of their mood to us. Domesticated animals (like dogs and cats for example) also have the ability to show body language over any other form of communicating with us to determine their mood, or what they’re saying to us when “speaking”.

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