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Kenny U Pull Ottawa

Kenny U-Pull Ottawa Canada

When you need car parts in a pinch, you may end up having a hard time finding parts. That’s where special locations that allow you to grab them off of old or used vehicles can come into play. In the U.S., there are companies such as Pick ‘N’ Pull that allow you to do this. In Ottawa, you’ve got Kenny U-Pull – your car parts superstore. So what do you do when you go to one of these places? We’ll explain how it works a bit so you know what to do should you be in a bind and need a car part in a pinch.

Car Parts Galore

One thing you need to understand, is that places like this are basically humongous automobile graveyards. You can usually find multiple vehicles that match your make and model, or at least find the car part that would fit your make and model. Of course, these parts are used, but places like this make sure that should you need a certain item, they need to be in working order for you to take them. For example, if you are needing struts for your vehicle, and you find a car that has that same part, you can come pull the part off of the car in the yard and then purchase it. There are some downsides to this though – you need to have your own tools, and in most cases have a bit of car sense (or learn how to pull the part). You don’t get a mechanic to do it for you unless you bring one with you) – instead, you have to pull the part yourself.

Is It Expensive?

Using this method is actually a great way to find cheaper parts than what you would pay for them brand new, or even remanufactured from an auto parts retail outlet. That’s why this method is so popular. There are special rules in place that allow you to get the part you need at ridiculously low prices. For example, brakes can normally run anywhere from $40-$100 new or even used from a retailer, but you can get them for even less than that from a pulling autobody yard like U-Pull.

Used Cars Too

Believe it or not, you can even purchase used cars from the lot as well. If you’re looking for a car that is a budget vehicle that may require a little bit of fixing, then you won’t want to buy one that’s completely wrecked. You may have to find some parts to put on the car itself either on the yard or after you get it home. But there are plenty of cars that you can buy, then take home, install the parts you need, and enjoy driving them. This can range from personal vehicles all the way to family vehicles, or just those that get you from point A to point B. Either way, there’s always something you can find at car lots like Kenny U-Pull. They’ll even buy your used car to throw it on the lot for a really decent price if you’re needing to just get it off your hands and get more than the regular junk price (which is based on the weight of the car and often will leave you nearly empty-handed).


Going to a Kenny U-Pull in Ottawa can provide you with the best in service and car parts that you need for the cheapest prices across the nation. Imagine if you had a Mercedes Benz and couldn’t spend the fortune that the parts normally cost – if there’s a Benz on the lot, you can easily find the part that you may need, take it off of the other car, and then save money on the parts and labor that you would normally have to pay if you just took your car to a shop!

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