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Jeanine Pirro Gets Suspended from Fox News

The famous Justice with Judge Jeanine host ended up getting suspended earlier last week because of reasons that she states that she questioned comments that another famous representative, Ilhan Omar about patriotism. Because of this, Fox News quickly jumped the ball to condemn her and then pulled her show because of supposed conflicts of scheduling. However, there’s more to the story, and Jeanine Pirro took it upon herself to educate the press about it.

She is probably going to be walking a tightrope because of her recent antics a few months ago, but the 68-year old’s appearance on Sebastian Gorka’s Salem Radio Network show. Gorka was a former contributor to Fox news, and between the two of them they had a nice little interview.

Pirro told Gorka and others that Fox looks and reviews everything, and they’re “completely unbelievable” to quote the star. She also stated that the network kept her out of the loop so that she wasn’t able to make any other appearances, and then she also admitted that they suspended her, but she’s not about to get fired, no matter how much she’s on the hot plate.

Even Donald Trump decided to comment on her defense during his Twitter page, which says a lot about the nature that Mr. Trump has had to deal with regarding other negative media in the past with. 

According to Trump, and even may other conservative Republicans, Fox News is doing everything they can to censor their employees, and even though they were a well-known conservative news site previously, they’re leaning more towards the radical Liberals and Democrats in recent months.

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