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Is Avast Cleanup Worth It – Premium Review

Avast Premium Cleanup Review – Is it Worth It vs CCleaner?

For a couple of years, Avast has been a major name in developing antiviruses for PCs and even mobile devices. And according to investigations, it also sells its users’ data to third parties. One interesting thing to note is that other companies such as Google and Microsoft purchase such information.

It is not recommended to make use of Avast products because of this reason. Some users discovered that it was difficult to disengage surveillance while using Avast applications. Other findings by tech-magazines proved that the company was selling the data of its users.

It is much safer to use other brands such as Norton, Bullguard, McAfee, TotalAV, PC Matic, etc. In all, the decision remains yours to make.

It is known that Avast antivirus operates for free, and this in itself generates more leads for the company. A paid version also exists, but the free version virtually takes care of user needs.

Many generous and juicy offers are given to users by the software company, from VPN services to cloud software. The frontline product is the Avast Cleanup Premium. It is a persistent offer by the company to its clients. Do you want to accept the offer?

Avast Clean Up

It is a tool for optimizing your computer. This premium tool ultimately takes off your computer’s weight by cleaning the registry and arranging the files. It meets the need of most users, which is to get their system running quickly.

Apart from removing the excess baggage from your system, it also updates your drivers and software to prevent any issues.

Why Is it Important to Clean Old Files?

It requires more capacity to process data when there are lots of files on the computer’s memory. Any time you visit a website, residual data is left on your system, taking up some space. Also, as you use the apps on your system, logs are stored in the memory. 

The endpoint is that there is too much baggage in the hardware and the system works slowly. Another issue is that old files can get infected with viruses, compounding issues for your system. Outdated apps are potential hazards, so delete them or get them updated.

Do the needful, have your system cleaned routinely- remove the cookies and unneeded files. If your personal computer is old, this process doesn’t help much, but you are assured of a slight improvement in the system’s performance. There won’t be many changes to your computer’s speed, yet it is important to clean up your system routinely. 

Avast Cleanup Premium: What Should You Expect?

It is very helpful and critically fishes out junk files in your PC. It will scan through browser cache, downloads, cookies, and all relevant places to find them. Do you have junk files you want to delete? Well, it  can help you out. 

In addition, here are a few other features to expect. 

Disk Cleaner

It doesn’t just delete all the trash; it also locates any uninstalled application that you might have. It is a big thumbs up for Avast Cleanup that it can both detect and get rid of files on your system. Also, any faulty file that occupies a large capacity is deleted as well.

It is very thorough in its function and goes into the least expected places to delete files and free some space.

Registry Cleaner

It is a data center that has all the system settings. It is mostly used by the installed programs and by Windows itself. As you get a new app on your PC, more inquiries are received by the registry. The more the entries, the more sluggish your system gets.

There is a need to clean up your system’s registry constantly, yet, this clean up is a big concern for most people. Why? Most crucial information is stored in the registry, and there’s a fear of losing the data. 

Avast Cleanup is reliable in that regard as it only fishes out junk files, leaving other files alone.

Browser Cleaner

The files our browsers keep from cookies to unused plugins are a large chunk and can become outdated. They can still clog the whole system even after they get outdated. This software removes unnecessary data kept by your browser.

Sleep Mode

Most times it is impossible to track what apps are actively running on your PC. Avast shows you the program’s list and gives a chart that tells the resources they utilize. It enhances the performance of the computer also.

Shortcut Cleaner

In other to hasten up the loading of a program, applications mostly create shortcuts. These shortcuts become redundant over time. Avast helps to improve your PC’s performance by deleting them ultimately.

Bloatware Removal

This tool helps to remove unnecessary bloatware that got into your system from toolbars, ads, and other trial versions of some apps.

Automatic Maintenance

Set your Avast to do scheduled checkups automatically and cleanups in other not to forget to clean up your system. This can  stop you from worrying about your PC maintenance. 

At this point, a little information will be displayed regarding the present state of your computer. It will also let you in on some of the things you can do to increase your computer’s speed.

Automatic Updates

Hacking outdated applications is very easy, and as such, it is important to ensure that all programs are updated. Avast helps to achieve this.

How Much is Avast Cleanup?

For one PC, it costs $59.99, and for five devices, it costs $69.99.

You will save more money if you purchase the Avast Ultimate bundle as the Avast Cleanup is part of it, as opposed to purchasing separate applications.

Should You Buy it?

This software will seem pointless to most advanced users because they operate the listed actions manually. People who are not tech-geeks will enjoy this software since it makes life easier for them.

The software also gives some emotional cushion since there no need to be bothered about unnecessary issues. In the aspect of automatic cleanup, Avast makes the system clean and tidy. So, now you know is Avast Cleanup worth it.

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