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Indirect Relationship Definition & Meaning

What Does Indirect Relationship Mean?

In this guide, we’re going to tell you about a very nice term that you may hear in a company or business, especially when it comes to affiliates and partnerships. This is the term known as indirect relationship. We’re going to talk about what an indirect relationship is, as well as give you some examples to show you different ways that indirect relationships are used.

What Is It?

An indirect relationship is a way that two different variables in a partnership or agreement will affect each other. They may not be like a client and a service provider directly, but act more like a third party that affects both. A lot of times two different variables will actually not go together, and as one lowers, the other one rises. Or, if there’s some sort of partnership or agreement in place, the third party may actually be affected by the same thing, but they’re both going in the same direction.

Is This an Inverse Relationship?

When it comes to a relationship between two variables that are inverse, this means that there’s a negative correlation between the two variables. Meaning they move in different directions. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s an indirect relationship. An inverse relationship can be also done in a direct relationship. If there’s a website store for example that increases their sales of keto products, they may have not sold as many of their regular meals. This means that the two variables involved (the two types of meals) inversely affected each other.

What an Indirect Relationship Involves

Basically, when it comes to indirect, it happens because of a third variable instead of just one. Basically if a partner to a company decides to buy the rights to a movie for example, then sells it to their country for more, after purchasing the movie from the original one and allows it to be purchased by the public, it’s an indirect relationship because the public is affected by variable B, which would be the country that decided to share the movie after purchasing it. Country A’s also indirectly affected by group C because they may get a small part of the cuts that Country B is getting, but at the same time, they’re actually getting their money for the purchase by Country B, and not the consumers. 


Another common thing to consider is that an indirect relationship is actually existing because the middle man that’s involved is helping to share or transfer the knowledge, which benefits both parties because the middle man is acting as a translator. This means that the two parties on either side aren’t making someone directly affected, but in a sense they’re affecting the other party by means of the middle man. This is also common when it comes to things such as having outsourced customer service. You often hear that people will lay the blame on a company’s policy because the customer support representative has upset the customer by following a policy that they have to follow in place, therefore taking the direct blame, when it’s actually the company’s policy and not their outsourced support team’s fault that they couldn’t get a better deal.

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