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India Fireworks Factory Blast Kills Multiple People

Last week, more than 20 workers and other people were killed because a fireworks factory exploded into the night. There were approximately 15 other people severely injured in the New Delhi blast at Batala, in which they are investigating. The building caught fire shortly after the blast had occurred, and it ended up crashing down. There were numerous images and media exposure that showed images of the building that collapsed due to the explosion.

The factory had been allegedly claimed to be an illegally operating factory according to the Akali Dal party leader Bikram Singh Mathijia, and therefore even though they had been operating for years without a license in a residential area and it was well known they had been doing so, many residents had mentioned that no authorities had taken action against the fireworks factory, which also killed one person in 2017.

Fireworks is a well-known industry in India, and many of the firecrackers and fireworks are used in ceremonial events. However, fireworks in India can be expensive, which leads illegal factories to make fireworks that are cheaper to the general public to be sold compared to the branded legal fireworks.

It was originally thought that the explosion had killed 14 people, and the more that investigators looked through the rubble, the death toll continuously rose until they reached a final count of 22. Nobody knows just how many people were actually in the building and there were also numerous cars and buildings nearby that also received damage due to flying debris.

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