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Impression Management Definition & Meaning

Impression Management Theory Definition, Meaning & Examples

In this guide, we’re going to try to show you the power of influence. That, in the business world, is actually called impression management, as this is actually an entire process. What does it mean? It’s actually an administrative and dominant trait in which people are able to be persuasive by means of influencing others about something, no matter what it is. At the same time, you can use impression management to help boost your sales and user opinions. How is this done? Well, we’ll get into that.

It’s More Common Than You Think

Believe it or not, impression management is used in almost all of our everyday lives. Sure, you may hear of the actual term when it comes to business, but even our families are influenced by us. You may see that a person will only share good stories with their parents because they don’t want to admit their faults. Friends will often try to brag to other friends to make themselves look more successful than they really are, and in turn, this can actually help them in the long run, or even help them do so. When it comes to businesses, however, one of the most popular ways to utilize impression management is by using advertising. This is a way to get someone’s attention and say “Hey, buy my product!”, then you use suggestive sales, and influence the person by telling them why they should by your product, and sink the deal when they do, increasing your revenue in the process, and benefitting the customer as well.

Is it Limited to Physical Things?

Actually, in today’s society, this practice is used even online in the terms of actual service. This doesn’t mean that someone’s necessarily getting something physical, and even freelancers can use this in order to gain customers, gain appreciation, increase their online personas and reputations, and so much more. For example, SEO that is written in code isn’t an actual physical object, but it’s put into effect onto a website, and therefore, they get more views and hits by search engines when SEO is done right, therefore increasing their web traffic, increasing the amount of customers, and ultimately increasing their revenue as well.

Does it Have to Happen?

Strangely enough, in a sense impression management is something that’s very common, and it’s an integral part when it comes to leadership in the world. If you think our presidents ever got anywhere without being able to utilize some impression management, you’re wrong. We vote for them because they are able to influence us that it’s the right thing to do. No matter whether it’s politics, or just buying a company’s chocolate bar because it tastes the best, impression management is necessary, sometimes even to our own selves.


Being in business isn’t easy, and if you don’t have an impression management trait, you may want to look into one if you want to succeed. Even convincing and influencing yourself to succeed in something is considered a form of impression management, and we shouldn’t ignore it. It’s human nature.

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