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Hydro Ottawa

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In the year 2019, we’re not only in the twenty-first century, but we’re also still in one of the biggest revolutions in the world, in which we’re in all three types of massive revolutions. Those are agricultural, industrial, and information, as well as one of the most iconic eras in the world, the digital age. That being said, we’ve come a very long way, even when it comes to electricity distribution, with numerous coops all over the world operating and sharing in one of the largest power grids of the entire world in all of history. Hydro Ottawa is just one of these regulated energy companies that is headquartered in nowhere else other than – you guessed it; Ottawa.

When Was Hydro Ottawa Founded?

Five different distribution companies formed together in 2000, and they all were flagged with the “Hydro” tag. There were five major electric companies all merged together, which were Gloucester, Goulbourn, Kanata, Nepean, and Ottawa. The company also integrated Casselman’s electricity provider in 2002. While it wasn’t when electricity was first provided in Ottawa (this actually started in approximately 1880’s), it was when a merger like this was made in order to make one of the most successful electric companies in all of Ottawa. It may not seem like a large area, but this is actually about a 25 square mile area in which their services exist.

Part of the New Electricity Movement

Hydro Ottawa is an active participant with the green movement, offering a variety of services from new installation and connection, all the way to replacing electrical equipment. They also help customers in the new renewable generation of electricity to install renewable energy sources. One of the ways they do this is by having a very handy online integration with their system, and can even help by giving you home energy reports on your accounts, as well as provide a mobile app that allows you to see your power usage anywhere you are. They have numerous electrical conservation programs and while they are an electrical provider, they don’t want you to have to spend more than you have to, which means they truly care about their customers.

Hydro Ottawa’s Leading Innovative Technologies

With the year 2019 showing a high emergence of numerous applications, from hybrid cars, all the way to smart audio (Such as using Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s famous SIRI) innovations that can help you save with their various technologies that are optimized to give you the best services possible.

Their Smart Speaker Skill

The smart speaker skill that Hydro Ottawa has integrated into their systems go hand in hand with their app for many usage statistics. While of course not everyone likes speaking to a virtual assistant, it’s the new age and since these platforms are becoming more widely used, an electric company should have a way to get ahold of them all the time. They have a smart speaker skill which you can set up that gives you things like what the current energy rate is, time of use period, tell you your balance on your bill, your last payment date, and your due date so you don’t have to be late.

If you are having problems, you can also get ahold of the company using the app to find out if there’s a power outage, and get tips on how to conserve your electricity. Not only that, but of course you can also get information on contacting the company. While some may be curious about how secure the skill is, you have to confirm your identity in order to utilize the service based on your zip code and your account information. Your postal code verification lasts an entire hour so you don’t have to constantly verify yourself.

Electrical Vehicle Stations

With the emergence of hybrid cars, you need to be able to have a charging station. It can actually cost a lot more to charge your hybrid vehicle if you use regular AC power rather than using a specialized charging station. If you have a hybrid, you can actually get ahold of the company and they’ll be able to install a custom hybrid charging station for your vehicle in no-time, and you can get your car charged faster, using less energy in the long run and saving you money. What’s even better, is that customers can get the charger for approximately 500 dollars less than the suggested retail price.

Solar Energy Solutions

Another great renewable energy source, the sun, is being used more frequently now than ever, and Hydro Ottawa was no fool when it came to jumping on the bandwagon for this. They have a program in which they’ll actually install the solar panel system for your home or business and invert it, and you can be on the shared grid. This saves you a ton on power costs, as well as provides your home with a renewable source of energy. They even provide you with a thermal storage unit that can help with heating and cooling your home. What does this mean? You practically wouldn’t have to worry about power outages, as the sun provides continuous energy to your home, and there is also less waste by using the energy on their grid.

Other Services Provided

Another service that people don’t think about is tree trimming. Anytime your trees are within 3 feet of a power line, there is a possibility of what is called an arc, and this can damage your property, your power lines, and even your home. Therefore, Hydro Ottawa also has their own crew that are fully licensed and insured that can help to clean out your power lines from debris and trees in order to ensure your home’s safety as well as keep your power lines safe from harm too.

My Hydro Ottawa Login

Here is the link to access your online account to add, remove and pay for services – https://account.hydroottawa.com/login

Hydro Ottawa Phone Number & Address

Report Outage – (613) 738-0188

Hydro Ottawa Limited

2711 Hunt Club Road, PO Box 8700

Ottawa, ON K1G 3S4

Conclusion – Hydro Ottawa

Hydro Ottawa is one of the area’s leading innovative electrical supply companies in Ottawa as their main energy provider. There are numerous advantages you can benefit from when you use them as your electricity provider, and they offer a plethora of services that you normally would have to pay a higher amount for if you chose to hire regular contractors in the area.

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