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How Celebrities Can Save the Planet

You probably think that rich people and celebrities only have millions and billions of dollars, or extravagant lives but believe it or not, they also have more than that. With all of the larger things they consume, they also have more contributions that negatively affect the climate change issue and global warming. While they have classic sports cars, fly jets around the world non-stop in their acting careers, even buying precious goods, the rich are accused of being the class that is responsible for most of the world’s excessive carbon footprint.

According to Oxfam, only one percent of the world’s richest population leaves a carbon footprint that is 175 times or more of ten percent of the poorer population of the country. Not only that, but the lower and middle classes suffer more from climate change and economic crisis more than the upper class because of this. There are many things however that even some famous celebrities have been acting on in order to help the climate even more.

By spending money more wisely, celebrities could actually use less emissions of CO2, which the typical rich couple (properly defined as a household of two people who has more than a million dollars, not including their main home) ends up using about 65 tons of carbon dioxide per year totaling ten times more than the global average used by most consumers. If many celebrities switched to “green energy” by utilizing solar panels and driving electric cars, not flying so much to their destinations, they could use the same tools that those in the upper, middle, and lower classes do in order to try to change the climate and make a humongous difference in their carbon footprint.

Other factors have emerged, such as funding climate research, using their political pull to increase climate saving practices and laws, and being positive role models, as actor Jason Momoa did when he created his recycled “canned water” to reduce plastic.

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