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How a Company Accelerated Growth By Monopolizing on Back Pain

Not long ago, in a country not so far away, the company named VARIDESK, a company that normally made office workstation furniture, hit the jackpot with an innovative idea. The CFO of the company, Craif Storey, had an interesting concept that he was able to eventually market an idea on, as he suffered from sciatic nerve back pain at his desk. So he decided to raise his laptop using a cardboard box on the top of his desk so he could stand and work. Eventually, this brought on the ingenious light bulb “Hey, what if a desk could actually raise and let people stand at work too”. Therefore, he ended up designing a product that was completely functional, and helped to get rid of his sciatic nerve pain. 

The first variable height desk started not only a new chapter for the company, but also for the office furniture industry as a whole. The company co-founders along with Craig started to work on a desktop converter that would turn dealer distribution models and then sell the product online to the customer. However, they decided that they should settle for an alternative that was best for the customer, so as time went by, they ended up building and improving their products. Many people began to use their desks from office workers, to freelancers, and even streaming gamers.

Through all of their trials and tribulations with a product that swept the nation by storm, VARIDESK had shows what true exponential growth is, as they later on hired their newer business advisor, and have grown the company to serve more than two million orders worldwide to more than 97 percent of the world’s Fortune 500 companies.

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