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Greyhound Ottawa

Greyhound Bus Schedule Ottawa Canada

Greyhound Canada is an operational partnered affiliate of the Minnesota-founded Greyhound USA. They are normally just called “Greyhound” and they’re North America’s leading bus company, partially because of their amount of passengers each year, and of course because they got their start back in 1914 when the company was founded. They’re one of the only intercontinental travel services, and while you can go to Greyhound’s website, they have a dedicated Canadian site and you cannot buy Canadian tickets on the U.S. website.

How it All Started

In the early 1900’s, the creator of the transportation service, Carl Eric Wickman, ended up deciding to help transport people working the mines after he was laid off as a minor in 1914. He charged fifteen cents per ride, which was actually a lot back then, and people gladly paid for the price of convenience. Later on, he ended up joining another person who ran a similar service in Duluth, Minnesota. They ended up calling it the Mesaba Transportation Company, and ended up making about eight thousand dollars of actual profit with its first annual sales.

After World War One ended in 1918, Wickman ended up owning almost 20 buses and making an annual revenue of forty thousand dollars. He decided to partner with Orville Caesar who owned Superior White Bus Lines in 1922, and then he ended up buying two other operations from the west coast called Pioneer Yelloway System, who actually was the first company to offer transcontinental bus lines, and then he bought out Pickwick Lines, which allowed him to have an intercity bus line. By 1927, the company had expanded so far, that Wickman’s buses were able to go easily from California to New York, earning the company a revenue of six million dollars by 1928.

All in a Name

When it came to naming the company Greyhound, many people think there was more meaning behind it, but the truth is that one of the runs from Superior, Wisconsin to Wausau, Wisconsin is what created it. The bus route’s operator, Ed Stone, ended up seeing the reflection of his old-fashioned bus and told everyone it made him think of a greyhound dog. He ended up calling the buses of the Blue Goose Lines Greyhound, and it ended up just becoming more popular, so the entire bus company adopted it. Later on, Stone ended up being h hired as the general sales manager of Yellow Truck and Coach, a GM company that built the buses that were owned by Greyhound lines. 

The Great Depression to Present Day

In the 1930’s, the company ended up changing the name to be more professional. The company ended up changing their name to the Greyhound Corporation to continue the use of the Greyhound name they used previously. They ended up moving the headquarters from Duluth, Minnesota to Chicago, IL as well in this transition. Unfortunately, the great depression took its toll on the company, and ended up causing the company to be over a million dollars in debt. Fortunately, the economy made a steady increase again and within 3 years the company was back on its feet since Greyhound was the largest bus line, and ended up having about 400 million passengers that year, which was running it closely to the railroads. They ended up getting a shameless plug in a 1934 film in which an actress travelled by using a Greyhound Bus and supposedly this is something that caused more travelers to use the service.

In 1946, Wickman ended up retiring and Orville Caesar took over as the owner. 8 years later, Wickman died at the then ripe old age of 1966. There were many inner changes that happened over the years following Wickman’s death, and all of them ended up bringing the company more and more in revenue each year because of their increasing prices and people willing to pay for their service.

In 1983, the company ended up getting hit pretty hard when the drivers went on strike, and even lost an old driver when one of their buses in Ohio ended up running over a worker picketing. They ended up changing their contract and by December 20th, almost two months later, the bus company drivers went back to work.

What Do Greyhound Lines Offer

One of the most popular things that people like about Greyhound buses, is that there’s no actual seating arrangement made. They have the flexibility to sit where they choose, and they even have an onboard restroom at the backs of the bus. Another thing is that even though trains are nice and offer many accommodations, there are usually many layovers and the price is usually higher when traveling with the railroad. Therefore, you can end up saving a bunch more and have a more direct route using the interstates, in which the railroad would end up causing your trip to be two days more cross-country. Another thing is that while sometimes you may end up with the same scenarios of bad neighborhoods as most train stations, you generally have a very quiet and safe trip, offering you some security if someone bothers you at all.

Conclusion – Greyhound Ottawa

While the company has seen its shares of ups and downs, Greyhound is still one of the primary bus lines in the entire country of Canada and if you’re in the Ottawa area, they have a station conveniently located in Ottawa with multiple stops in the surrounding area for a decent price. You can order tickets by going to a station directly or now with the evolution of the internet, you can go on their website and get a ticket specifically made for you or someone else simply by choosing your destination and desired arrival time. You can even travel across the border as long as you have your Nexus card or certificate of Indian Status, and your specialized driver’s license that allows you travel between the two countries. You’ll conveniently board one of the Greyhound Ottawa buses from that station which are specifically for that country on either side of the border. Over 100 years later, Greyhound was more of a giant than Wickman ever dreamed it could, or would be.

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