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What Is GCSurplus – Government of Canada Surplus?

GC Surplus: Canadian Government Surplus Auctions

The joy of an auction is that moment when the hammer falls, especially if you are the highest bidder! It just means you have bagged yourself whatever good at a price lower than the retail price it’s going for. If you have not been to an auction, don’t be left out this time. Why should you hear about auctions in stories when you have the chance to experience it with GCSurplus? 

Here is all you need to know about GCSurplus

GC Surplus is an online auction carried out by the government of Canada, operated by Public services and Procurement. The general public is allowed to view, bid, and purchase a wide range of excess goods on auction on the government’s website. Call it a win-win situation as both parties are benefitting.

However, unlike other public auctions, GC Surplus only deals with movable assets! Do not expect to find items like a junk of old computers or buildings and land owned by the federal government. GC Surplus deals in things such as cars, boats, trucks, machinery, medical and scientific equipment, and even airplanes. You can also find bulk scrap materials such as metal, wood and textiles.

How does the Government of Canada Surplus work?

To participate in this kind of auction, you first have to be registered as a user. Log into the GC Surplus website and register with your full and accurate details such as your name, address and phone number. Rest assured your information is protected by the Privacy Act. Then you will need to log in with the account you have created to view items that are available for bidding. Search for whatever good you need and learn more about it before making the bid. Once you are guaranteed the item meets the standards you seek, bid on it. You will need to sign up for email notifications to be able to follow your bid. If you’re the highest bidder, you will be informed and will need to pay for the item. Finally arrange to get your item, easy-peasy!

It is important to note that GC Surplus is a closed type of auction. Unlike other online auctions where you are immediately informed when you are outbid, on GC Surplus you are not notified. The highest bidder is informed when the bid is over. You are also not told how many people you are competing against or what their bids are. Anyway, they say the beauty is in not knowing!

The public services may also discontinue the auction without giving you any notice, in cases of bankruptcy or evidence of fraud. You are also allowed to register with a single account only. Before you sign up for GC Surplus, you need to understand that any loss or damage incurred is entirely upon you the bidder. You shall not, therefore, institute any claim or legal proceeding for losses. Before you make your bid ensure you have read and understood the terms and conditions stipulated in the GC Surplus website and if need be, consult your lawyer.

So, did you forget to get your girlfriend a gift for her birthday and she just won’t let you have it? Or are you looking to renovate your living room with new textile? GC Surplus is the moment you have been waiting for. Cut those extra costs, make your bid today!

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