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Federal Intelligence Discuss Election Security with Facebook

Earlier this month, the intelligence committee decided to meet with Facebook and reps from numerous other technological and social media companies to help discuss the security for the 2020 election coming up. They discussed how the government can improve how we share all of their information to better detect threats to the environment, as well as to help even eliminate and deflect them.

The FBI representatives, the Office of the Director of National Intelligentsia, and even the Department of Homeland Security took part in the meeting with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft. They all met at the headquarters of Facebook in California.

In the meeting, they discussed how Russian operatives used social media to give people invalid information ahead of the presidential election that year, and then in September of last year, they were trying to get rid of those Soviet officials well ahead of the midterms.

In the past, many Facebook posts had gone viral and they contained a lot of false information that could affect things like votes being legitimately targeted or fair due to the ways that people can post misinformation on the social media platforms about voting.

One of the things that social media companies have done is show a report that showed how Facebook itself is taking steps to make sure that they can make the 2020 elections more secure, and this included removal of numerous posts that were spreading misinformation about voting, so they can also make sure that people and the government are protected at all times.

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